WandaVision: A Review

Love is a complex emotion. It can fill us with so many other emotions at the same time. Joy, sadness, euphoria or despair. People do all sorts of things for love. It can be the ultimate goal for many, and when they lose it they break. The real story, though, is what one does after. 

No one can say that Wanda Maximoff hasn’t overcome a multitude of tragedies. Since her first appearance in 1964 she has been one of the survivors of the Marvel Universe. Her story has also had its fair share of humor and love in it, though. One of her biggest love stories is with Vision. The MCU had an opportunity to take their story and let it play out in a different way through the movies. Then the streaming services gave us a whole new way to see these characters together in WandaVision on DisneyPlus

The series takes an interesting approach: the episodes are framed like sitcom episodes from successive decades. It becomes clear early on, though, that there is something larger happening. Perhaps something even a little sinister. Through all the hijinks, screwball comedy, and mishaps we have Wanda and Vision. In love and trying to make it work. There is also the question: “How Vision is even there, given the current events in the MCU?” The answer is heartbreaking, beautiful, and complex. 

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that I love how this was handled in the show. The mixing of emotions and situations was perfect for the larger themes of WandaVision. Without saying much more I will let you know that there is just so much to this story and it is done beautifully. 

Speaking of, the costuming for WandaVision is simply outstanding. To create the town of Westview through the decades was no small feat. The sets, costumes, and music are ::chief’s kiss:: The first episode was even filmed in front of a real live audience to make it feel more authentic! Westview felt real and we cared about the amazing cast of characters who lived there. 

WandaVision is a fantastic story. It is a tightly woven web of the many things that make it great. All the moving parts work in tandem to create a binge-worthy show. It is just a wonderful representation of both the effects of sorrow and of love. 

I honestly cannot recommend WandaVision enough. It is my favorite of these new Disney+ series that are being rolled out so far. I have always loved the Scarlet Witch and am so glad that she has been given this treatment and growth on screen. If you want a show that is not only beautiful to watch, but will make you laugh and feel look no further than WandaVision.



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