Card Game Review: Stick Figure Fighters

Are you looking for a fun an easy Card Game that takes minutes to learn can provide hours of fun? Look no further than Stick Figure Fighters by Indie Game Creator, Broken Archer!

With the simplistic, but charming art work, this game is so much fun to play. Having first encountered this gem of a card game at a Comic Convention, it was hard to tear myself away from playing in order to enjoy the rest of the Con. Sometimes picking up a new game has so much of a learning curve that you get board or frustrated before you even get a chance to play. That is not the case with Stick Figure Fighters!

Be the best Stick Figure Fighter in all the land!

Equip your Fighter with armor, weapons, and power cards and take on the other Stick Figure Fighters. Prove that you are the most powerful Stick Figure in all the land! Be the last Stick Figure standing!

Broken Archer

Published by Otter Limits

Social Media Coordinator and Editor - Real Women of Gaming/ President - Equal Opportunity Geeks/ Event Coordinator - Equal Opportunity GeekCon/ Cast Member - Malhaven

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