A Review: Fear Street Pt. 1 1994

You ever just miss the 90’s? I do. That being said: if you are wanting a fire soundtrack and a fun slasher film then the first installment of Fear Street, Fear Street Pt. 1 1994, on Netflix is perfect. The Fear Street films are based on R.L. Stine’s young adult book series of the same name. You are taken back to the ’90s in this first installment not only with the music, but the total atmosphere all the way up to seeing an old off-white computer with dial-up internet and AOL chat rooms.

This movie kept my attention and didn’t ever feel awkward, even though it revolved around teenagers. This is a tall order with the surge of YA content. A lot of young adult content focuses heavily on the awkward times of high school, and I find it to be more uncomfortable than relatable at times. My high school experience felt more mirrored in this movie than many others, which I found to be a refreshing feeling.

What also sets this movie apart from other horror moves is that it is centered around a lesbian couple. I can’t tell you how rare that is in horror, especially for a mainstream franchise –we are dealing with R.L. Stine books and Netflix. They do an amazing job and the chemistry between the characters is done really well.  

This movie is part of a trilogy that starts in 1994. The next one is in 1978 and the final installment is set in 1666. I am very curious as to how all of these will string together and how it will all end. If the first one is any indication, however, it will be an exciting and fun ride with the feel of a slasher movie and maybe a nod to a few specific franchises like Scream and Friday the 13th.

You can find all three Fear Street films on Netflix.


Published by KinkedNitemare

I am KinkedNitemare, most call me Kinky or Kinked. I am administrator for Real Women of Gaming and GirlStreamers Inc. I strive for anything I am a part of to be an inclusive and safe place for all, but especially marginalized groups. Through these communities I have the opportunity to do charity work and help those that need it. I am passionate about gaming but also having representation in not only the games, but the gaming industry from those that play the games to those that create the games. I am so glad to see the shift in games and how women/female presenting/ non-bianary and marginalized peoples are being brought to the forefront, but there is still a lot of work to be done and I hope to be part of it. You can find me on my personal channel from time to time, but as of late I am a voice on various people’s streams including those of RWoG. I do write here and there so you might find some of my stuff on the RWoG site.

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