The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: A Review

Legacy is a difficult thing. Honestly it is difficult to define and live as yourself even without the pressure of a legacy. How do you live with what you have done, what you have seen so far in your life? These are questions that every person will address in one way or another throughout their life. Those questions get bigger depending on what you have seen and what has been experienced thus far. 

Marvel has a plethora of amazing characters. Fans of the movie universe have become particularly attached to Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. They are seemingly very different people, down to the eras in which they were born. However, they just seem to work. At first glance it would seem that it is because of their common friendship with Steve Rodgers. However, with the current events of the MCU, they no longer have that in common. What they do have are the shared experience of service to one’s country, their constant fighting in the Avengers and the aftermath of the snap. 

In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier we get to see these two men struggling to find their footing in this new world. There are bigger problems, though. A new group is threatening the small bit of order as a critical vote for those who are left the most vulnerable after the snap. Sam is rightfully struggling with the legacy of being Captain America as a man of color in America. Bucky is trying to figure out how to just live in this new era and how to best make amends for what he did under Hydra. Meanwhile America’s solution is to find a new Cap to handle this new threat.

The opportunity given by making this a streamable series on Disneyplus is that we get to see more of these character’s journeys. The sets helped to tell this story of how heroes need to function within this new world. The costumes were great, giving us clues about the characters. The soundtrack helped to tell the story. The cinematography is fantastic, giving the viewer a different look at characters as they reveal more about themselves. Really, the whole thing gives The Falcon and The Winter Soldier a different view from what we have had in the MCU so far, which is exactly what it needed to tell this story. Every aspect of the show worked well, leaving the viewer with a moving and complex story. 

I very highly recommend The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I don’t want to spoil anything from the series, but it is wonderful. There are twists I didn’t see coming and truths I needed to be reminded of. I would not wait to watch this series.



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