Thia’s Top Ten Anime Openings

An anime opening can really make an anime. The opening has the difficult job of setting the tone for the anime. There are some that have staying power beyond the anime itself. Here are some of my favorite anime openings. 

  1. Just Communication” from Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing is one of my favorite anime and this opening has so many memories connected to it. It perfectly fits this mech anime. The song has an industrial feel but then also has soft, lyrical points as well. Like Gundam Wing itself, “Just Communication” is layered and sets the tone perfectly. 
  2. History Maker” from Yuri on Ice. The tempo of this piece is perfect for an anime about figure skating. It also is one of the most positive themes I have ever heard. I dare you to listen to this opening and not feel better. 
  3. Tank!” from Cowboy Bebop.  This song just makes you want to dance. It is jazzy and fun. A fantastic way to start an anime with the word bebop in it. 
  4. This one is a two for one. “Moon Pride” from Sailor Moon Crystal. This song is gorgeous and has some serious ballad vibes to it. It makes you want to go out and fight for what is good and to have a really cool transformation sequence. I would be remiss to not also include the original Sailor Moon opening from the 1990s. I know fans have a lot of opinions about this series but this opening is a source of serotonin for so many of us. It continues to make me happy when I hear it even today.
  5. PURE PARE-DO” from Toradora! The sheer amount of energy in this song. It perfectly fits this teenage driven anime. Also it really makes the viewer want to get up and dance. 
  6. Gurenge” from Demon Slayer. Lisa has been a queen of anime openings for years now and this song is no exception. This opening is just one of those songs that you want to scream sing to. It is dramatic and hard. Perfect for anime opening. 
  7. Sakura Kiss” from Ouran Highschool Host Club. I will be taking no criticism for this choice. It belongs on this list. It is cute and you can dance to it. It is perfect for the anime it opens. 
  8. Make My Story” from My Hero Academia. Listen, this show has a ton of great opening songs. It has no right to go as hard as it does. This one just really feels like the show to me. It is hopeful, fun and has a battle feel to it. But really the entire My Hero Academia soundtrack is something I play constantly. 
  9. Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen” from Attack on Titan. This opening hits hard right from the start. It sets the tone for the desperate situation the characters are facing in the anime. Not only does it perfectly set the tone but you will see a reaction from fans if you play it. 
  10. Resonance” from Soul Eater. This is an anime I just started but I love this opening. It has a great beat. It is a little odd but really fun, like the show itself.

I hope you liked this list. What are your favorite anime openings? Comment below! 



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