Thia’s Top Ten Anime Openings

Thia’s Top Ten Anime Openings by @ThiatheBard
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I Went to a Virtual Convention

Life has taken a turn recently. Suddenly we are practicing things that are new for a lot of us. Quarantines. Social Distancing. These are terms that many people have been lucky enough to never have experienced before. Most of us would be going to movies, shows, conventions and work right now. However, in order toContinue reading “I Went to a Virtual Convention”

Influental Women in the Gaming Industry: Yoko Shimomura

The gaming industry would not be the same without Yoko Shimomura. She is a talented composer and musician. Yoko has used these talents to bring some of our favorite video games to life. Yoko was born in Japan in 1967. She started playing the piano at a young age and found that she really enjoyedContinue reading “Influental Women in the Gaming Industry: Yoko Shimomura”