Accessibility Review: Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a beautiful game and I love playing it very much; however, it’s not very accessible. In the game, you play an investigator looking for evidence of a ghost haunting a building. You have various tools and equipment to gather the evidence you need to positively identify the ghost before running away in the provided van.

There is an accessibility menu in the options, but there’s only one option: you can set the speaker mode to either stereo or mono. I personally don’t notice a difference with my audio processing issues, but it may help others for various hearing impairments or divergences. There are no options for subtitles or vision issues. The game does allow for key rebinding, which is how I’m able to play with my special mouse. There are too many keyboard controls to bind them all to my mouse, but I make do.

Thankfully, there are no times where you absolutely have to hold two buttons at once, with the exception of running, which I never do, anyway, because your character’s stamina is ridiculously low. Thankfully crouching is on a toggle. Unfortunately, if you need to turn the brightness all the way up, like I do, it makes it impossible to read the whiteboards.

I have put 53 hours into this game and highly recommend the game if you’re able to play it, but unfortunately, without adaptive equipment, it’s not accessible for many persons with disabilities.

If you’re one-handed, like I am, I highly recommend finding a gaming mouse with a thumbstick. Mine opened gaming up for me drastically. I wouldn’t be able to play any of my favorite games without it. I just wish they made one with more buttons. You can find the one I use here.


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