Freaky: A Movie Review

Slasher films are perhaps one of the most popular subgenres of horror. Since the 1960s slasher films have been scaring audiences. It is difficult to tell why this subgenre is so popular. Perhaps it is the familiarity of it. All horror movies have rules, and slashers tend to stick to them very carefully. Maybe it is that knowledge that brings comfort as well as a controlled scare to slasher film fans. It can be argued, though, that this part of the genre has its fair share of problematic elements; most of them are a part of the formula to get the final girl to the end of the film. 

On November 13, 2020 a new horror movie hit the scene. It was an exciting concept: a slasher film with a switch moment! I know I was curious to see how they would handle this concept. I couldn’t wait to watch Freaky

Millie is a shy teenage girl who has just lost her father. Problems at home lead to problems at school. She does, however, have two loyal and quirky best friends who are always there to help her. It sounds like a normal coming of age plotline, except that her town has an urban legend about a serial killer called “The Butcher.” As homecoming and Friday the 13th fast approach, so does The Butcher. After an encounter between Millie and The Butcher, the unthinkable happens: the two switch bodies! Millie now has to find a way to switch back within 24 hours or the change will be permanent and The Butcher will be able to use her body to kill those she cares about.

The costumes were great in this film. The music was fun and it helped set the mood. I enjoyed the acting for the most part. The cast had some great talent in it. The sets also really helped to sell the movie and the story it was telling. The makeup and the camera work were also very well done. 

Would I recommend Freaky? Well, I guess. If you are looking for a mostly standard slasher film then yes. It was fine. I think I just wanted it to twist more. Other than a few zigs it was just predictable. One of the problems of the slasher genre is that it has to have good twists, since they tend to have such strict rules within the film. The “good girl” has to outlive her wild peers as part of morality culture that is deeply sewn throughout these films. That is just the standard.

Like I said above, a lot of people really enjoy the predictability of this subgenre of horror. I love a good slasher film, but it has to have some good twists. For Freaky, we already knew the big twist. They swap bodies. Okay so now what? Will Millie get a taste of killing and decide she likes it? Will they team up? 

There just wasn’t enough there for me to really love it. The acting was good. The elements were there. It just ended up being one more slasher film without a lot of pizzazz. Maybe it was the lack of diversity in the creative team that just made the film feel flat to me. I am not saying that white men cannot write, direct or produce. They can, and these men have, but it just seemed like more of the same. I was also not the biggest fan of how they choose to write teenage girls. The storyline has really cool elements but some of the dialog was just lackluster.

It is a fine film. It hits all the marks but it was just kind of bland. That being said; if you are looking for a typical slasher film with some great camera work and practical effects then go for it.



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