Thia’s Favorite Found Families

The holidays are fast approaching. That means time with family, or so we have been conditioned to believe. For some of us blood family is not an option. What we have instead is the family that we have found. What we have made. That family is a wonderful and a precious thing because it is something that we created. 

Here is a list of some of my favorite Found Families. Enjoy!

  1. The Gaang-Avatar the Last Airbender A land torn by war. Its people separated not only by the lands they grew up in but by what elements they can bend. Can a group of teenagers topple a corrupt government and help bring about peace? Only if they have some friendship-affirming field trips along the way. 
  2. The Librarians– A group of geniuses in their own fields have taken over the role of the Librarian. Can they get over their differences and overcome their own egos to save the world? An ancient evil is rising from the history of the Library itself. This hit series was a spin-off and I would have been happy if it would have gone on forever. 
  3. Howl’s Moving Castle– A foppish wizard who may be eating the hearts of young maidens. A young woman under a curse. A moving castle full of secrets and a vengeful witch. I am not sure what else you could want in a story. If you want a slightly darker version, I would suggest the book. If you’re looking for something more whimsical, the movie is the version you should try first. 
  4. Teen Titans– A group of teenagers with powers or altered cybernetic parts move into a tower together. Who will be the leader while they fight crime? Will boundaries be respected? Is Slade a real threat? What is going to be on their pizza? This was the show that helped get me back into superheroes.  
  5. The Good Place– A woman who spent her life being selfish wakes up in “the good place” and thinks it must be a mistake. Through a series of hijinks she involves others in a scheme to teach her to be a good person so that she won’t be kicked out. Things spiral. There are twists on twists. This show is unexpected, deep and thoughtful as well as funny. 
  6. The Magicians– A young man who has spent his life wishing to be a magical main character suddenly is accepted into a magic university. Of course a big bad shows up. The stakes get higher and a group slowly comes together to face this evil. This television series is based (loosely) on a book series about magic high school students. 
  7. Star Trek Deep Space Nine– What if Star Trek took a look at a part of the future that was recovering from the atrocities of war. The Federation comes to Deep Space Nine after an occupation has ravaged the occupants of a nearby planet, but is it to really help or because of a wormhole that has just opened? Through the years, a family is formed on the station. A family that survives shenanigans, war, and love. This is my favorite chapter in the Star Trek franchise for it’s complexity and heart. 
  8. The Raven Boys– Blue doesn’t fit in anywhere. She certainly would never choose to fit in with any of the rich boys from the local private school. So of course, through a course of unexpected events, Blue is drawn into one such group of boys. A quest, a curse, and magic. What else could you ask for? 
  9. Tin Man– In this different take of a classic story. DJ is a waitress who dreams of something bigger. When she and her parents are attacked she ends up in the Outer Zone. While searching for her parents she makes friends along the way. Soon DJ finds out that there is a bigger story, and fight, waiting for her. 
  10. The Loser’s Club-It– There is something wrong with Derry Maine. Children are going missing. It seems to go deeper than that though, bad things just happen and are allowed to happen in Derry. A group of misfits come together to try to help find answers. Their friendship may be the key to fighting the great evil that is rotting Derry. If you are looking for the original and slightly darker story check out the book. If you want a lighter version check out the miniseries.

Whew. There it is. This list could have been much longer. Found Family is my favorite trope. I hope you find something you like on this list. Did I miss your favorite Found Family? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy your holidays. We here at Real Women of Gaming love you. 



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