Black Widow: A Review

There are many things that make us the person that we are. Our family. Events in our past. The things we have seen our family do or say during these past events. They color who we are. What we like or dislike. They are not all that we are, but understanding those things can help us to understand our current selves better. 

Natasha Romanoff has been one of Marvel’s most intriguing characters for decades. She first hit the scene when she was infiltrating Iron Man’s company as a Russian spy in 1964. As comics changed with America, so did she. From a villainous sexy spy to an Avenger who survived unspeakable horrors from her childhood in the Red Room. Natasha has changed with the roles of women; a reflection of society through the decades. One thing has always been true though, she has always been a strong and capable person. Perhaps that is why she was the first, and for a time, the only female Avenger in the MCU. 

It feels like we fans had to wait for decades for Natasha to get her own movie. Almost every other Avenger had their own movie or movies. Finally fans were able to see this version of Natasha’s backstory on the big screen in 2021 in Black Widow

Freshly on the run from the government Natasha is looking to go into hiding. What she doesn’t know is that her past is running toward her. Natasha is attacked by a masked fighter who seems to be after a package that Natasha got from her old safe house in Budapest. Natasha returns there, looking for answers. What she gets is more than she bargained for but also a real chance at redemption. Can Natasha face her past or will she be destroyed by it?

I really enjoyed the overall story for this movie. The characters are interesting and their parts of Natasha’s story were great to discover. It will also be interesting to see what parts they will play in the greater story of the MCU. The music was spot on. I liked the fact that they did put real historical events about the cold war in the story. Comics have always been a reflection of our country and using Natasha’s narrative was a smart move. 

I really liked this movie. I waited far too long for it but am grateful that it was finally made. Natasha deserved her own story. This one was worth the wait. 

Black Widow comes highly recommended from me. 



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