Carrie: Incentive for To Hell and Back…For Charity

In October we had the opportunity to raise money for a great organization called Stackup! Part of the incentives were that I would write about some of my favorite horror villains. Here is one of my favorite randomly selected favorites from the genre of horror.

Carrie White is an actual powerhouse in the world of horror. Her story is tragic, horrifying and familiar all at once. Carrie was first introduced in the book of the same name. It comes from the horrifying mind of Stephen King. The book was so popular that there are two different movie versions as well as a miniseries. 

Carrie is a shy high school student. Her mother is oppressive, abusive and very religious. Her life at home is hell but her life at school is even worse. She is the main target of all the bullying. Her sheltered home life makes it all worse. However one day everything changes and Carrie finds that she is able to move things with her mind. She thinks that this is something that will start to make her life better and her confidence begins to grow. Unfortunately, things rarely work out well in horror movies. 

Carrie is one of my favorite horror movie villains. I reread the book multiple times. I also enjoy both of the movies; one from 1976 and one from 2013. Carrie is unique as she has had both the role of villain and victim. 

While her story can be difficult for many to watch, I do love her movies.



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