Keybind remapping should be standard

In the last week, I have attempted to play 4 different PC games that did not allow me to change keybinds. Let me tell you, the ability to remap keybinds is the most basic accessibility feature that a game can have. It should be standard in all games, PC and console alike.

There is no way for a developer to determine the ability limitations of the players of their games. It’s okay to map the buttons based on able gamers, but at least give disabled gamers the ability to remap keybinds to make the game possible for them to play. 

Without the ability to change keybinds, a game is not accessible. Sure, some differently abled people may be able to manage with preset keybinds, but many of us cannot. For me, being a one-handed gamer, I need to be able to remap the most important keys to my mouse, especially if they’re time sensitive or I need to press multiple buttons at the same time.

Rear view of young gamer wearing gaming headphones with backlight playing a video game on a computer in dark computer class

I can’t incorporate my 2nd hand at all, not even to hold down L Shift to sprint.

As an aside, toggle sprint/crouch should also be standard. 

If toggle sprint isn’t an option, I usually end up remapping the sprint keybind to RMB, if I can remap it at all. 

Another remapping problem that I come across more than I’d like is the inability to remap keyboard keybinds to my mouse (and vice versa). Putting that limitation on keybind remapping is, in practice, the same as not letting me remap at all.

If adding remapping features to a game is too much (say, for an indie company just starting out), then please program an alternate control mapping for one handed playing. Pokemon: Sword & Shield does this, and it’s the only way I can play the game.

I’m not asking developers to bend over backwards for disabled gamers. I’m just asking them to remember that we exist and that we want to play their game, too. If your game isn’t accessible, then you’re cutting out an entire demographic of gamers that you don’t need to cut out. 25% of the population of the US is disabled. We’re not a small demographic by any means. So why cut us out? Do us and yourself a favor and maximize your reach by making your game accessible.


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