Rose The Hat: Incentive for To Hell and Back…For Charity

In October we had the opportunity to raise money for a great organization called Stackup! Part of the incentives were that I would write about some of my favorite horror villains. Here is one of my randomly selected favorites from the genre of horror.

Rose the Hat is absolutely terrifying. The big bad of the long anticipated novel called Doctor Sleep may not look like much but she is truly a powerful player in Stephen King’s world. Rose is the leader of a group called The True Knot. They feast on the “gas” of children in order to continue living. The members of The True Knot all have some form of “the shine”, as we learned to call these abilities from Dick in The Shining. The group uses these abilities to locate and then steal the life force from children.

Rose is an interesting character. She has a found family that she deeply cares for. She does what she does to keep them alive and what she deems safe. However she also takes pleasure in draining children for her own power. It is very clear that she is capable of love. She is also capable of terrible things. 

You can see Rose in the movie version of Doctor Sleep. You can also read about her in the book version. 



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