Cinderella is Dead: A Book Review

People love fairy tales. Perhaps it is because they are such a huge part of childhood. Perhaps it is because they are different from religious stories or fables. Either way most people grow up with these stories and love them. All over the world there are different versions of the same stories to love.

It is always interesting to read these different stories. To see how each story is told and how the magic happens. It makes sense to think about what happens afterward as well. Did everyone live in prosperity? Was there really a happily ever after, as the stories promised? 

Kalynn Bayron took one version of a beloved fairy tale she grew up with and spun it on it’s head. Bayron is a best selling author who has changed the game in young adult literature. She has many other talents as well, including being a classically trained vocalist. She also enjoys scary movies, which we love. She is a mother and lives in New York with her family. Bayron took all her insights and inspiration from the things she loves to write a book about what happens after “happily ever after.” 

Life for Sophia is no fairy tale. It has been 200 years since Cinderella lived “happily ever after” with her prince. However, new laws have been put in place since that fateful wedding. Laws about girls being forced to learn a palace approved version of the story are just the tip of the iceberg. Girls must attend a ball where they can be chosen to wed a man with no say in the matter. Life for the women and girls in Sophia’s world is a nightmare; all they can do is hope for a blessing from a magical godmother. What if there is a different way to live? Wouldn’t that be worth fighting for? 

Cinderella is Dead is a fantastic book. The plot is full of twists that keep the pages turning. The characters are interesting and you will be invested in what happens to them. The book is full of vivid scenes. Cinderella is Dead is a must read. 

I highly recommend Cinderella is Dead. It was a great read with an interesting concept of ‘what if.’ I could not put the book down. 



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