Be Someone’s Superhero 2022: And That’s a Wrap!

We are so lucky here at Real Women of Gaming. Our fantastic staff came together to help people in need. Our community rallied behind us, supported us and had a blast with us. Be Someone’s Superhero took place on February 26, 2022 and ran from 11:00am EST to roughly 11:00pm EST. Real Women of Gaming was able to once again partner with our friends at Player Vs Hunger, which helps to fight food insecurity and food deserts. This group has been wonderful to work with every time we have gotten the opportunity to do so. They even took the time to not only be in chat but joined us during a game to answer questions! 

Our amazing staff and some of our friends also got to do what we love to do, play games. Throughout the day a relay system was in place for streamers. The metaphorical batton was handed from one streamer to the next and staff were available in chat throughout the day. 

Crymson Pleasure started the party with Phasmophobia with Wicked, Cassie and Thia. Together they searched for ghosts and are clearly some of the best ghost hunters in the world! OhSnapItsLi got to builing with PC Building Simulator. She and chat laughed their way through working on a PC. Iris The Keyblade Master played one of her comfort games. Everyone cheered her on as she battled in Final Fantasy

SaltyHylain was up next and brought some firepower. He and Crymson rocked Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extracion. KinkedNitemare continued the siege with Overwatch. She, PhoenixNymphy and Crymson not only had some great matches in the game but also had a Q&A with a representative from Player Vs Hunger. The night ended strong with family time! Members of staff and friends got together to figure out who was the impostor in Among Us. A lot of laughs were shared while we raised money.

Speaking of, the event was very successful. Real Women of Gaming raised $500.00! That money will go toward children, families, and the elderly who need help supplementing food. This cause is very near and dear to our hearts and we are so grateful to all of the help we received. Thank you to our amazing streamers. Thank you to our sponsors for the event, who you can find listed on the website under the Be Someone’s Superhero section. 

We would also like to give a very special thank you to all of you. Without your support we could not raise this money. Without you sharing our announcements, hanging out with us and for the donations. Without you this would not be possible. You are our heroes. Thank you so very much! 



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Lover of games, writer of articles and member of Real Women of Gaming. Thia the Bard has been writing from a young age and has always been a fan of the fantastic. She grew up playing video and board games. She loves trying different table top and role playing games. Thia is a proud geek and member of many fandoms. She is also interested in cosplay and Steampunk. Thia is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Time not spent gaming or running around in garb is usually spent writing. Always keep sparkling!

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