Meet Vaughn

So where does your Gamertag/Alias come from?
Vanri was my first D&D character. I originally made her as a rogue but changed my mind at the last minute to a ranger.

What was the first game you were passionate about?
Chrono Trigger

What was your first console?
That was my own? Playstation. That I played? NES

What is/are the game(s) that got you into gaming?
Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Hexen

When & Why did you fall in love with gaming?
It was an interactive story. I’ve always loved stories, and, as a writer, I loved the idea of being able to manipulate stories

If you had a superpower, which would it be? 
Teleportation. No more traffic.

What is an interest of yours outside of gaming?
I recently started painting and I love it

What is something you love that not everyone knows?
I love being the tech person when I can be.

What’s a video/tabletop game that you would recommend to people who don’t play video/tabletop games?

  • Video game: Dragon Quest Builders 2
  • Boardgame: Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • TTRPG: Dungeons & Dragons

For the TTRPG players among us, who is your favorite character that you’ve created, and why?
Lidda was great! She was the first character I really got into. She was sneaky and snarky and had a smol voice that I loved doing. Too bad she was turned into a gold statue.

You are stuck in a board game/video game/ttrpg. Which is it and why?
Stardew Valley. It’s calming and beautiful and the farming is as easy as clicking a mouse

Who/What inspires you?
Crymson Pleasure
Marisha Ray
Felicia Day

Where can we find you outside of RWoG?
I stream on Twitch under vaughn_hellspawn. I also create a true-crime podcast, called Spooky Women of History


Published by Crymson Pleasure

I am a Mom, Wife, Mental Health Advocate, Gamer, and Variety Streamer. I hate talking about myself but that is what this is here for so, let’s chat. I started Real Women of Gaming as a Facebook page and watched it grow over the years. Every year I am more proud of the work we do and the people I am surrounded by. These are amazing people that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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