Demon Slayer Season Two: An Anime Review

The relationships between people will always be important. Particularly for children. These interactions shape people into who they will become and how they will respond to situations. People are not only just shaped by verbal interactions, though. On this season of Demon Slayer we saw how neglect can shape a person as well. 

Now before we go any further this is a review for season two. So if you are not caught up on season one and the movie, Mugen Train, I suggest you pause and go back to those first. If you need a refresher I have reviews for both season one here and the movie here

Season two of Demon Slayer focused on the aftermath of what happened during Mugen Train. Tanjiro and his friends have a lot to heal from after their fight on the train. Mentally and psychological they are in mourning. Physically, they have to continue training to ensure those events won’t happen again. Tengen Uzui reluctantly agrees to let our young protagonists accompany him on a mission. The flashy Hashira needs help finding his wives who have gone undercover for him in the Entertainment District. He needs new eyes and ears so he can find not only a demon but also his wives.

This season was interesting. Demon Slayer is an anime that has always found a way to show joy and love even in times of misery. There has been a lot of loss and heartache throughout the story. There has also always been humor and the importance of friendship woven into the narrative. This season, however, struck me as a far more sad chapter in the story. Perhaps it is because Tanjiro’s world is widening. That means that we will all be encountering more of both extremes.  

There was still humor. The main characters still found joy. They found purpose through the season and ways to push through their grief. This balance is so important to the story. Demon Slayer is an anime that always remembers one of the best things you can do is reach out to help someone. That your life will be better for it. That these small moments can make all the difference in someone’s life. 

The art was gorgeous as always. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen during the fight scenes because of how impressive the animation is. Most of our favorite characters were back, growing and fighting to be better. I was not as impressed with Tengen; I found him to be narcissistic and boring. I also wish that Nezuko would have been better utilized. She is a character with so much potential. It is a shame that she is regulated to spending most of her time in a box. 

Overall it was a good season. I am looking forward to season three. I am interested to see how this world of the Hashira will open up to Tanjiro, his friends, and the audience as the story continues. 

I recommend the second season of Demon Slayer, even with my small complaints. I think it has an arc that furthers the story. I am glad to be done with the Entertainment District chapter, though, no matter how flashy or beautiful it was to watch. Honestly, the animation itself is enough of a reason to watch. 



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