Charities & Champions 2022 Wrap up

That’s a wrap on Charities & Champions 2022! This year, Dungeon Master Veloz Muerte ran our players through a transplanar dungeon crawl with portals, mazes, fireflies, and some pretty famous magical beings. As always, your donations affected the game in some pretty epic ways! Here are some highlights:

For a $50 donation, the donor could pick a player to pull a random card from The Deck of Many Things, provided to us by our friends at The Deck of Many. The first anonymous $50 donation directed the cards at Victoria Pontillo (DnD Grandma) during the first major combat of the day. She pulled the Talons card, which disintegrated all of her magic items, including her armor! Chat pulled together, however, and donated to not only restore her items, but also give her 3 more magic items. Way to go , chat!

The Deck of Many Things made 3 more appearances throughout the day. Mostly detrimental cards were pulled, but 4th time was the charm as Crymson Pleasure pulled a card that gave her 3 wish spells to use, which definitely came in handy.

Around 6pm EST, the store manager of Gamers Heaven donated to add a monster to the game. His employee had a Red Dragon miniature and they wanted to make things interesting. As our players entered the Feywild, they came face to face with Tasha herself, who transformed into the Red Dragon from Gamers Heaven! The final fight of the day, the players tried their best to defeat the dragon. Gamers Heaven donated another $25 to aid them with a friendly Planatar to help fight the dragon. To no avail. The Dragon’s breath weapon was just too strong. In the final 10 minutes of the event, Crymson used her last wish spell to complete the objective. The dragon gave them one last chance to kneel or be killed. The players kneeled and the dragon flew away, ending the event on a happy note!

Throughout the day, the stream had over 20 viewers and raised a total of $620 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, via Extra-life! 

We would like to thank: 

Our players:
Crymson Pleasure
Vince Pontillo
Victoria Pontillo
Jack Berkenstock, Jr.
David Lapp

Our DM:
Veloz Muerte

Our tech team:
Vaughn Hellspawn

Our sponsors:
Comic Zen
The Bodhana Group
Those Meddling Kids
1985 Games
Otter Geekdom
Galactic Raptor Games

Our Venue:
Gamers Heaven Phoenixville

And YOU! We couldn’t have done any of it without you lovely people!

We hope you enjoyed this year’s game and we hope to see you again next year!


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