Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure: An Anime Review

There is nothing quite like a story about a wild adventure. Maybe even an “eggcellent” one. Watching the protagonist struggle to reach their goal and the lessons they learn along the way is almost always a hit for a story. Almost. Sometimes even this tried and true method isn’t enough to save a story though. Unfortunately, this time, that was the case for me. 

Gudetama got their start as a character for a company called Sanrio, yes, like Hello Kitty. This little egg quickly gained a big fanbase. Maybe it was their lethargic, sad nature that first garnered all the attention. That is something Sanrio has done for years, taken traits to start conversations through their characters. If you are looking for someone who is just over it all then Gudetama is probably for you. Teenagers who were feeling the pressure of society were the first audience to really latch onto everyone’s favorite egg. Quickly Gudetama took off with fans and is now one of Sanrio’s most popular characters. It is not surprising that a series was developed around them recently. 

After Gudetama hatches in a refrigerator they are ready to go with the flow of whatever comes next. However, before Gudetama can truly give up, a second egg hatches.  Shakipiyo, a driven can-do chick has also been born! Despite being such a sharp contrast to each other Shakipiyo decides they are siblings and should go on an adventure to find their mother. Gudetama is lukewarm on the idea but their sibling insists. Soon the two are out of the fridge and facing the many dangers that await them. The road, hijinks and many other eggs await.

The series had interesting design choices. There were real life actors as well as CGI characters, such as our protagonist. So Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure does not look like a traditional anime. The music is fun and adds a touch of whimsy to scenes. The locations made as a backdrop for the series and the CGI melds well with the real life locations. Honestly the technical aspects of how it was shot would make a great behind the scenes look.

Unfortunately that was the most interesting part of the series for me. I was rooting for Gudetama and Shakipiyo but was also fairly bored through most of the series. Maybe it was something lost in translation as I am an American viewer. I always like to give that benefit of the doubt to media not made in my country but I just didn’t enjoy it. I really wanted to like it. I have always loved the fact that this little egg is a way for people to express their feelings about depression. 

So I can’t say that I recommend Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure. I do recommend the character though. All the love to Gudetama!



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