The Invitation: A Review

Movie post for The Invitation, out August 26

Who doesn’t dream of an ideal family? Who doesn’t dream of luxury? What if it was an ideal family who had money and luxury? What if that happened to you? Suddenly a wealthy family member was found? How far would you go to fit in? How low would you let your guard drop?

I love movies that force you to think about big, seemingly impossible questions. Most of us will never be in this movie or fanfiction like scenario. Most of us will never be in that type of danger. 

In The Invitation, a young artist named Evie is struggling. Her mother has passed away, leaving her no family that she knows of. She is working a catering job that is hardly paying the bills. When given the opportunity to take a DNA test she discovers a cousin, and a whole family she never knew existed. Evie is then invited to a wedding and swept up in a world she has only ever dreamt of. Are things too good to be true? The longer Evie stays the more odd, and even perhaps, sinister things seem. 

There are some distractions other than her new family though. Two odd bridesmaids. Also the owner of the house is particularly dreamy. 

The work that was put into this movie is evident right away. But I think it all pays off. The settings of the main part of the movies are spacious, gothic, and majestic. The costume design is out of this world. Honestly the dresses had me losing my mind. The hair and makeup is just too good. 

The music was fantastic in it’s composition and use. The score added to every scene. The lighting was also a key factor. So many horror movies have awful lighting, to which I say, if I cannot see I cannot be scared. The Invitation found a great balance of light and dark for the majority of the film. 

Would I recommend this movie? Yes! I know you are about to show me its scores on movie review sites. I know, they aren’t great. Don’t ever go off of those. I am going to tell you to throw those away from all movies from now on. Find folks with tastes like yours and ask them or read their reviews. 

This movie was not marketed well. Without spoilers I will tell you it has a, well, fanfiction sort of vibe. It is wild. It is well written with a cohesive narrative but it is a ride. I think too many viewers walked into this film expecting a dark and serious horror movie. Is it gothic? Yes. Does it have good scares? Again yes.

Go in with some whimsy in your heart and you will enjoy it so much more. It is like if Ready or Not and Crimson Peak had a child. Also, The Invitation was written and directed by women! Just go watch it. Have fun. Enjoy the work that was put into it. The Invitation is its own kind of horror film and I hope we get more of it!



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