Anime Review: The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

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Sometimes I try to find an anime to review that is vastly different from what I typically watch. It pushes me out of my comfort zone. It forces me to look into different genres. Sometimes one viewing experience will lead me to a totally different genre within anime to find joy and comfort in. Sometimes I hate it. 

This is an anime that I ended up not have strong feelings about either way. Except, that is, for some confusion. Get ready, friends because this was just an odd one to watch. 

The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl started off as a novel released in 2006 by Tomihiko Morimi. It is highly lauded by fans of the story. Morimi also has six other published if you are intrigued by their work. Recently the story was adapted into an animated film. This anime has come highly rated and even drew readers to seek out the original source material of the same title. 

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One night a young woman is out at a party. Looking around the room she muses about what is considered proper for her when it comes to drinking. She decided that she wants to drink, and most likely live, on her own terms. She leaves the party and steps into a night that feels like a year, full of shenanigans and chance encounters. How will the night end? Perhaps with some romance?

I went into The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl with a slightly different concept of what it would be about then the actual plot of the film. Perhaps I should have looked for the book synopsis first and then I would have been slightly more prepared. Though I am not sure that anything can fully prepare you for the wild ride that is this anime. 

It is beautifully animated. I love the different styles that were used for certain characters. Really this is a movie that is very fun to watch, aesthetically speaking. The character designs were interesting. The music was fun and suited different parts of the story. 

As for characters there were only a couple that I really enjoyed and rooted for. Most of the male characters just fell flat for me. Perhaps this is because I am from America and something was lost in translation for me. I will always give that benefit of the doubt when I do not connect with characters in foreign media. That being said I really didn’t feel much reason to root for most of the male characters. I did, however, really like the main character. 

I really wanted her to live her best life. Particularly that night. I really rooted for her with each new adventure. When I saw the year the book was written she made a lot more sense to me. She does have a “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” feel. Thankfully I have always rooted for those girls.

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I wanted to try this anime because it is a comedy. I tend to struggle with comedies, particularly foreign comedies. I’m not any better than anyone else, I just don’t like a lot of them. I am always willing to try though. Unfortunately, The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl is a comedy I just didn’t connect with. 

That does not mean that this was a bad story. It just means it was a story that was not meant for me. Clearly many other people have really enjoyed it. It just wasn’t to my taste. It was an odd and funky movie to watch though. As I told CrymsonPleasure after I had finished it; “Not the worst anime I have seen, just one of the weirdest.” 

So, in conclusion, no I won’t recommend it. However I will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. I am glad I watched The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl even if I never watch it again. It was a fun experience to share with a friend and it is always good to be exposed to different types of stories. 



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