Theory Crafting: The Barbarian Rogue: The Ghost Guild

Theory Crafting: The Barbarian Rogue: The Ghost Guild by Vinni the Troll

Vel’s Milling & Evolve Deck Lists

Ever been interested in Hearthstone but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you love the game and are looking to get a leg up. Here are two great Decks by our very own Vel and his YouTube video showing how they work!   Shaman evolved –  Argent Squire – x2 Evolve – x2 FlametongueContinue reading “Vel’s Milling & Evolve Deck Lists”

Feature Friday 1/31/14

This week’s Feature Friday goes to Solveig Bjorndottr Cosplay! Check out her awesome Rogue cosplay! Rawr! (Yes, it’s a comic book cosplay, but Rogue was totally in Marvel video games! XD) Head on over, give her a shout, ‘cuz that’s what features are all about! ~Rinshi