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Vel’s Milling & Evolve Deck Lists

Ever been interested in Hearthstone but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you love the game and are looking to get a leg up. Here are two great Decks by our very own Vel and his YouTube video showing how they work!


Shaman evolved – 

Argent Squire – x2thrall319
Evolve – x2
Flametongue Totem – x2
Jeweled Scarab
Maelstrom Portal – x2
Rockbiter Weapon
Totem Golem – x2
Acolyte of Pain
Argent Horserider
Brann Bronzebeard
Feral Spirit
Hex – x2
Mana Tide Totem
Pantry Spider – x2
Tuskarr Totemic – x2
Master of Evolution – x2
Nerubian Prophet

Rogue Mill –

Backstab x2valeera_sanguinar2
Preperation x2
Shadowstep x2
Mistress of Mixtures
Sir Finley Mrrgglton
Eviscerate x2
Gang Up x2
Nat the Darkfisher
Sap x2
Brann bronzebeard
Coldlight Oracle x2
Fan of Knives x2
King Mukla
Shadow Strike
SI:7 Agent
Violet Illusionist x2
Refreshment Vendor x2
Vanish x2
The Curator

About Crymson Pleasure

I am one geeky woman filled with the knowledge of role playing systems and video games long forgotten. Also known as, Your Vampire Goddess. (There is even a drink named after me) I am the Head Goddess of Real Women of Gaming. I play video games, trading card games, board games, role playing games/table top games. I don't even have an inner geek, I wear it loud and proud. I'm attached to several fandoms (Doctor Who; Sherlock; Supernatural; Harry Potter; Hunger Games; Firefly; Star Trek; Star Wars) And that doesn't include my anime obsessions (Deathnote; Ouran High school Host Club; Black Butler; Bleach; Inuyasha; Blood+) to name a few, how much I am into Cosplay, Renaissance festivals, Tinker Bell, Tattoos (I have several), Goth/Steampunk anything. You name it and I seriously obsess over it.

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