Malhaven: Wrapped Up

After four years, many tears of laughter, and some of grief, our campaign has come to an end.

10 Self-Care Tips for Streamers

I started my streaming journey three years ago on the RealWomenOfGaming Twitch channel. I didn’t know much about streaming, but it seemed like fun being able to hang out with people while playing games in the privacy of my own bedroom. I remember the day well – which is saying something, considering I can’t rememberContinue reading “10 Self-Care Tips for Streamers”

How to Brand your Stream to Create a Lasting Impression

Guest Post by: Kristen Heller Introduction When someone mentions streamers like, imaqtpie, Shroud, or KittyPlays, you probably know who they’re talking about. Each of them are some of the most successful streamers on Twitch, loved and followed by many. What propelled them to such heights and how did they get so many followers, subscribers, andContinue reading “How to Brand your Stream to Create a Lasting Impression”

Facebook Introduces Monetized Streaming Service for Gaming

Facebook is throwing their hat in the game streaming ring and hoping to compete against established video streaming services like Twitch and YouTube.  In case you’ve been living in a cave the last few years, game streaming is a unique medium where viewers watch people play games.  It has become big business for streaming services,Continue reading “Facebook Introduces Monetized Streaming Service for Gaming”