New on the scene: Glimesh

Glimesh is a new streaming platform. Still in Alpha, the site already has so much to offer. I’ve been streaming on Glimesh for 3 weeks and here’s what I think so far.

The website is well on its way to being polished. When I tried a stream on Glimesh in late 2021, the website was still looking rough. Now, though, it looks beautiful.There are a lot of features available now, but there are a lot in development as well. Currently, you have FTL – a feature for which Mixer was well known – a built-in tipping function, and a sub button for everyone. They’re working on custom channel emotes. Currently, you can have 2 custom emojis, and they can only be used in your channel.The chat is customizable. My chat is all flames. 

The rules and information sections are customizable, as well. The world is your oyster, with markdown. You can integrate your social media and your viewers can access your links through nice little buttons just below your stream, so you don’t have to worry about graphics and linking them in your info section.

Now, let’s talk numbers… Glimesh is a growing platform, so the user base is small. Over time, I believe the site will grow exponentially in popularity. The focus of Glimesh is on the community. “Glimesh is the next generation streaming platform built by the community for the community.” (link). Therefore, numbers aren’t stressed. They don’t list streams by viewer count and they don’t even reveal the viewer count on the stream thumbnails. “Our platform focuses on increasing discoverability for content creators and implementing the latest in streaming technology to level the playing field.” (link).

In the spirit of leveling the playing field, there are no partner or affiliate programs on Glimesh. Every streamer is treated equally. This is why you can have an active sub button on day 1. Everyone has the same opportunities on Glimesh, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been streaming there or how many followers you have. The focus is on community. Everyone that I’ve met on Glimesh has been incredibly welcoming and accepting. “We understand the importance of interaction between content creators and their fans, and we’re dedicated to innovating new ways to bring communities closer together.”  (link). 

With no partner program and numbers not even on the radar, Glimesh has reignited my love for streaming. It took away the stress and pressure to  always be grinding for numbers. The whole reason why I stream is for community, and numbers took me away from that. Glimesh values community over all else, which is why I stan Glimesh so much.

Glimesh is also very open and transparent about the development of the platform. “Glimesh is an Open Company with a strong commitment to transparency & fairness.”  (link). They have a monthly board meeting live on stream where they discuss the progress of the site. You can also join their discord and speak directly with staff. They are available to answer any questions.

My final note on Glimesh is that you can fill out an event form to request that Glimesh help you with a special stream that you may be doing. If the events team agrees to help, they will put your event on the Glimesh calendar and help with advertising both on and off the site

I highly recommend giving Glimesh a chance. It’s certainly the place for me. It could be for you, too! They’re already doing great things, and they’re only in Alpha. Just imagine what the finished site will have to offer.

You can create your account at – I hope to see you there!


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