Influential Women in the Gaming Industry: Brianna Wu

Influential Women in the Gaming Industry: Brianna Wu

Top 10 Female Magic: The Gathering Players

So, I was asked to come up with a list of Top 10 Female Magic: the Gathering players. It seems that some people are still living with the (stupid) idea that women can’t play M:tG for whatever reasons they can come up with. While it has admittedly been a long time since a woman wonContinue reading “Top 10 Female Magic: The Gathering Players”

Communities for Marginalized Groups: Why This Matters

“Why have a gender specific group?” I’d like to think the answer to this was obvious, but it is quite clear that this is not the case. Perhaps, we don’t need to explain, but more so make it clear. Communities for women, minorities, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized peoples exist for a purpose. The purpose isContinue reading “Communities for Marginalized Groups: Why This Matters”

Influential Women in the Gaming Industry- Kate Edwards

In 2012, the International Game Developers Association needed a new director. Thankfully IGDA choose Kate Edwards. Really, it wasn’t a hard choice to elect Kate Edwards. She is a talented and intelligent person who uses her unique perspective to problem solve. Kate Edwards really is an amazing brain. She is an applied geographer, writer, andContinue reading “Influential Women in the Gaming Industry- Kate Edwards”

Understanding the question

So many times I have sat and had the same conversation with Vanri the Rogue and that conversation might surprise you. It’s a conversation that I am sure happens a lot; a conversation that should happen if you don’t understand the topic. I didn’t understand feminism. I didn’t get it. I innocently thought it wasn’tContinue reading “Understanding the question”