Halloween Game Recommendations: Part Two


Since it is the Halloween season we’ve rounded up some more games to play for all your spooky needs. Here is what some of the admins had to offer!

Betrayal at House on the Hill:


Betrayal at House on the Hill is my favorite board game of all time. Based on HP Lovecraft stories, this is a build-as-you-go board game. The premise is that you and a group of friends are exploring a haunted house. Each of you goes off to explore different parts of the house, all the while collecting Items, Spells and Omens. With each Omen card drawn, the team gets closer to the haunt. Once the haunt happens, one player becomes the Traitor and the course of the game is determined based on the Omen card drawn and the room in which it was drawn.

Part of the reason why this game is so amazing is because you can play it over and over again without getting bored. With over 50 different outcomes for the haunt, you may never play the same scenario twice. It can be scary or funny, but it’s always a good time. Honestly, I would recommend any game based on HP Lovecraft (Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror, etc), but this game is by far my favorite. You should check it out.

-Vanri the Rogue

Plants vs Zombies 2:


I play a lot of games but perhaps the most reliable and replayed game I have is Plants vs Zombies 2:It’s About Time, for phone and tablet. (Not scary but it has zombies!)

If you are a fan of the original Plants vs Zombies, this is the perfect gaming experience for you. It has Dave and his new companion, an time travelling RV named Penny, searching for his taco through time.

As the added title suggests, this is about time traveling. You can play multiple worlds with different levels. There are creative new zombies and plants and I have yet to spend any money. Perhaps the biggest perk is that you don’t need friends to play. The creators actively update new worlds and keep it fun and interesting.

This game pretty much has everything for me: strategy, zombies,mutant plants, a nonsensical babbling taco lover and an RV time machine. How can you go wrong?


Costume Quest 1&2:


Costume Quest is an adorable RPG  from Double Fine about a group of kids who have to battle the aliens who have invaded their town and get back their candy! The children go around making new costumes throughout the game and getting new abilities to use in their adventure. This game has some of the best combat cut scenes that I have ever had the privilege to witness. Have you ever wanted to see the Statue of Liberty use her torch of freedom to burn some alien baddies? How about evoking the mystical powers of Lincoln and a bald eagle to heal her teammates? Of course you have.

It’s a cute and low key game that is worth it simply for the fun animations and interesting abilities. It is also drenched in Halloween spirit. If this game can’t get you in the mood for some Halloween celebrations, then no game can.



That’s what we had to say…Do you agree/disagree with any of our choices? What would you recommend to play this Halloween season? Comment below! And don’t forget to check back later for some more Halloween recommendations.


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