Together-In-Spirit: 2022 Con Recap

We’ve got you covered in this #TogetherCon2022 recap post.

Meet the amazing people who make up Real Women of Gaming: Thia the Bard (She/They)

Meet the amazing people who make up Real Women of Gaming: Thia the Bard by @ThiatheBard
#meetthestaff #thiathebard

Chritter’s Top 10 Celebrity Appearances in Games

A Top 10 list that is more like a random list of 10 celebrities that you can find in games.

Town of Salem

Town of Salem Blank Media Games PC/Mac I’ve had Town of Salem for awhile now. I bought it based on a suggestion from Noah of +2 Comedy, as we were talking about my love of Werewolf the board game. Both are similar to Mafia. If you don’t understand anything I just said, that’s fine. I’llContinue reading “Town of Salem”

Giving Thanks to Games

Since this is the time of the year for reflection and thankfulness, I thought I’d ask my fellow admins what games they were thankful for. This is what we had to say:   My sister has always been my best friend but, as we get older and life becomes increasingly more hectic and stressful, ourContinue reading “Giving Thanks to Games”

Banished Game Review

I recently purchased the game Banished from a Steam Sale and I was super excited because I love building/resource management games, even though they infuriate the hell outta me. I’ve been playing on the easier levels and, even at easier levels, I had to restart at least 20 times before I had a working townContinue reading “Banished Game Review”