Review: Beyond: Two Souls

Dev: Quantic DreamBeyond_Two_Souls_final_cover
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: Oct. 8, 2013
Platform: PS3, PS4

Starring: Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe

Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive, dramatic action-adventure game in which your choices matter. In 2013, Beyond: Two Souls became the second video game to be featured in the Tribeca Film Festival.

What’s it about?
Jodie Holmes (Page) is an extraordinary girl. Not only do strange things always happen around her, but she is able to talk to and control an incorporeal form named Aiden. Her power discovered at a young age, she is taken in and studied by Dr. Nathan Dawkins (Dafoe), who is a researcher for the Department of Paranormal Activity.

The plot is broken up and scattered. As the player completes each section, making choices that will effect the final outcome, Jodie’s story becomes more and more clear.

What did I think?
Not only is this game stunning in its graphics, Beyond: Two Souls actually gives meaning to the idea of a “choice game.” The way you play the game actually effects the final outcome, which is a nice change from games that give the illusion of choice, but only provide one path for the player to go down.

The game utilizes motion capture technology to create vividly life-like characters. Much like Until Dawn, this game has recognizable characters played by actors and actresses we all know and love. This is a recent renovation in video games that allows for the game to come to life by mixing two mediums of entertainment: Gaming and Movies.

The story line can be confusing at first, since the game was originally built so that Jodie’s memories are scattered. You’re constantly going back and forth in her timeline. This is an interesting feature because we’re seeing her life as she’s remembering it and we don’t always remember things in chronological order. While I like the way it was originally designed, I give big props to the developer for also including the option to complete the story line in chronological order. I know a lot of people who would find that much easier than trying to keep track of scattered memories.

Do I recommend it?
Oh yes. The game has tons of replayability, amazing graphics and an intriguing story line. You’d be crazy not to pick this one up.


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