Thia’s Top Paranormal Games You Shouldn’t Play

Games have been around for centuries. Most games help to sharpen skills. Almost all are fun. There are some that have evolved from other needs. These are games that you shouldn’t play, no matter what you are promised at the end. 

So I am going to type the obligatory disclaimer before we go any further. Please, please don’t actually play these. I am writing about it because I love the creepier things in life. These games, and particularly the lore behind them are fascinating for me. I wanted to share that. Once again, my dear readers, I beg you not actually mess with spirits and demons.

So here are some games that are played with spirits and demons. 

The Three Kings – This game has multiple steps and you need to follow them carefully before and throughout the game. If you make it through the game you will get answers to your questions from the beings in the mirrors. If not, well who knows what you let into your home or you could just go a little crazy. The main gist of the game is by having three chairs, one for you and two mirrors you will be able to open portals which is how you will be able to hear your answers and how the beings will cross over. These are to represent you, the Queen and the Fool, but be careful as the roles may switch through the game. You may think you know who is who but how can you really know? Maybe, if you play this game, you will always just be a fool. 

One Man Hide and Seek or Hitori Kakurenbo – Hide and seek, that sounds innocent enough right? You even get to have a doll or a stuffed animal play with you. Well you are wrong because what you are doing in this Japanese game is inviting a spirit (ANY spirit) to inhabit the toy to play with you. Again follow the instructions for this game to the letter or you won’t make it out okay. Playing this game involves a full tub, a working television, a smart hiding spot, rice, salt water,  oh and stabbing. You MUST play this game alone, as you don’t want the spirit to find someone you care about and for them to be hurt. People have said that they have gotten sick after playing, or that they have gotten bad luck or just that things have been wrong ever since. So maybe just don’t invite a spirit into a stuffed animal, stab it and then spit salt water at it.  

Bloody Mary – Ah this old chestnut. This game has become a rite of passage for so many of us as we take our first steps into being a teenager. A favorite of slumber parties, television shows and movies. People have been trying to figure out the exact origin of this game and urban legend without much success. Just remember that mirrors are doorways and that they are not so easily closed. All you will need for this game is a mirror in a bathroom, a light switch and your own nerve.   

The Midnight Game – If game this sounds familiar it is because there have been movies made about it. This is one more game with a big list that you have to have ready before you can play, however you can play this with friends. Be warned though this game started off as a way to punish pagans in ye old days so perhaps something else would be better for game night. Also this game is a way to see your greatest fears about death, but are you really only seeing it or will the Midnight Man have you experience it? The only way to know is not to let the Midnight Man catch you and make it with your candle lit through the night. 

Tsuji-Ura – Most countries have a version of this game. It is a popular crossroads game to find out your future. It will take place at a crossroads, which makes sense as crossroads are their own space…neither one place or another. That is why they seem to hold such supernatural power, I myself have had some scary experiences at a crossroads but that is a different story. Make sure you follow the rules and keep your face covered. Oh and don’t forget your comb. Will you like what you have learned? Will you be able to live with it? 

Dry Bones – This is one more game of hide and seek with a demon, who would have thought demons wanted to play hide and seek so badly? You will get a prize of your choosing if you win. Follow the instructions carefully for you will be playing this game alone. Have your protection objects ready and hope that they are strong enough. That your hiding place is secure enough. Players have said that they have heard and seen terrible things while they hid. They have also said that their homes have been trashed after they came out from hiding. If you make it yes you will get your wish but will it be worth it?

The 11 Mile Game – This is a good game if you don’t want to invite something into your home. The rules to this game are very important as you are playing while driving. You will need a specific kind of a road. Remember not to look on the sides of the road, you won’t like what you see. Don’t get out of the car, you’ll lose more than a game if you do. You will get a special gift if you win but you will also hear terrible things on the radio and maybe see things that you have never wanted to see on the road. 

Honorable mention: The Ouija Board. This game is also a rite of passage for most of us. Just make sure you follow the rules so you can properly close the connection.  It has been marketed as a harmless toy by one of the biggest names in the industry but is it? That is the reason why this classic has been bumped to my honorable mention. For too many people it can be argued that it is just a game. However it can be argued that any open channel without a particular way to ensure who the players are talking to is dangerous. The discussion about Ouija Boards goes back for years from different religious leaders to just concerned parents. So what do you think? Is it worth it to play?

There are plenty of other games like these. Are there possible rewards for these games? Yes. Is there a thrill to play with demons and spirits? Of course. Again though I caution you not to play any of these. Research and get spooked by stories of others instead. It will be safer. Did I miss your favorite? Comment with it below.

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