You’re Not Alone Sponsor Spotlight: Bulldog’s Got The Book

We at Real Women of Gaming are proud to celebrate the amazing sponsors of the You’re Not Alone Annual Fundraiser! Over the week leading up to the our 1 day event on September 26th, we will giving shout-outs to people who are our partners in this endeavor!

Join the Bulldog and his friend NoseDive as they discuss some of the classic storylines from Pro Wrestling history, and fantasy book how things could have (and in some cases SHOULD have) been done differently! It’s fantasy booking at its best here on the Bulldog’s Got the Book Wrestling podcast!!!

Created by Vincent Pontillo, Bulldog’s Got the Book recently released it’s 17 episode and can be found at


Published by Otter Limits

Social Media Manager - Real Women of Gaming/ Storyteller: That Which Can Eternal Lie/ President/Event Coordinator - Equal Opportunity Geeks/ Co-Founder/Storyteller - Otter Geekdom

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