You’re Not Alone Review

To help others is probably one of the best things a person can do. Particularly right now when the world needs a lot more kindness. Because of technology, we were still able to raise money for a great charity this year. 

You’re Not Alone was a big success this year. A thousand dollars was raised for Player Vs. Hunger. No one should go to bed hungry. No one should face the uncertainty of where they will get their next meal. That money will go toward helping communities who are struggling with food insecurity. 

We had some fantastic sponsors who helped to make this charity possible who we hope you will check out. Comic Zen was our first and continues to be our most loyal sponsor as well as everything you could want in a comic shop. The Bodhana Group advocates the use of board games as a form of therapy and we couldn’t agree with that sentiment more. DnD Grandma is a podcast that showcases that age doesn’t matter in DnD and that the family who plays together stays together. Bulldog’s Got the Book is a wrestling and fantasy book podcast. Equal Opportunity Geeks started as a family Facebook page to all people to share their love of all things nerdy and geeky. Not Quite Heroes is a 5th edition D&D actual play podcast. ChasmQuest is a collaborative storytelling podcast for D&D in the 5th edition. 

Our streamers really did a fantastic job streaming all day from 10:00am to 10:00pm on our Twitch! We started off with Crymson Pleasure playing Overwatch. Then it was a group stream that featured gameplay of Among Us. Iris the Keyblade Master took the batton with Final Fantasy VII. Then viewers got to watch Salty Hylian be a hero with the Avengers. KinkedNitemare took over with Rainbow Six Seige. We finished out the night with a family and friends stream of Jackbox games. 

Throughout the day we had raffles as prizes for donations in the stream. There were tons of great prizes for those who donated. There were also incentives with different streamers. KinkedNitemare and Crymson Pleasure also both ate some gnarly stuff on stream. Bugs, hot sauces and soda where consumed throughout the day. When the monetary goal was reached KinkedNitemare ate a tarantula and Crymson Pleasure ate the worlds hottest chocolate bar.  

The discord community was great. We were lucky enough to have our friends, The Lovelycraftians, ran a one shot for us in the discord. We had rooms for guests to get more information about our sponsors or to reach out to staff throughout the day. 

It was a really wonderful experience. The community came together to achieve a goal. We had a lot of fun playing games all while being safe. 

Thank you again to everyone who helped us make this charity event a success and helped us reach our goal! Our staff was amazing. A lot of hard work went into You’re Not Alone and we are really proud of it. Thank you all again!


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Lover of games, writer of articles and member of Real Women of Gaming. Thia the Bard has been writing from a young age and has always been a fan of the fantastic. She grew up playing video and board games. She loves trying different table top and role playing games. Thia is a proud geek and member of many fandoms. She is also interested in cosplay and Steampunk. Thia is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Time not spent gaming or running around in garb is usually spent writing. Always keep sparkling!

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