Monster Prom: A Game Review

For most American teenagers prom is one of the biggest nights of their time in high school. There is a lot of planning: getting the perfect outfit, coordinating how you will get to the venue, making sure you look your best, even deciding what pictures will be taken and where. It is an exciting party that is the start of the end of your time in high school. Now what if you were going to an all monster school and had to ask out a monster? 

In the game Monster Prom students have three weeks to woo a prom date or face the humiliation of rejection. Monster Prom was released in April of 2018 and gamers have been falling in love ever since. Developed by Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys the game has been a success. So much so that there is even a sequel! 

The game allows the player to pick a playable character and lets them know a little bit about all of the characters. Then, well, the games begin. Clicking on different parts of the school gives the player different chances at interactions with characters. The player chooses how to handle the hilarious and sometimes bizarre situations to hopefully gain points needed to impress their dream date. Be careful though, a wrong choice can lead to a loss of points and embarrassment in front of the player’s crush. At the end of the three weeks the player asks out their crush. Hopefully they will accept. If not, well life goes on, right? 

The game is just plain fun. As a point and click choose your own adventure style game it is easy to play. This accessibility makes the game great for all kinds of players. The character designs are fantastic. It is worth it to play the game just to see the different characters. The music is fun and the little bit of voice acting is great. 

I really enjoy Monster Prom. It is really nice to have a game that a newer gamer like myself can play with my friends that isn’t so stressful. It is really just such a fun game. 

I highly recommend it. Yes, it is for older gamers, but it is user friendly so it is great for gamers of all ages. The romances are fun. The situations are funny. So don’t wait. See if you can get a date for the Monster Prom



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