Crymson’s Binge Worthy Shows

*In no particular order*

Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

(2015 – 2020)

This is one of those shows that people told me over and over again to watch. I would just shrug and say it didn’t seem like my kind of show. With depression always nipping at my heels, I needed something funny. I thought, why the hell not. I was taking a self-care day in bed. I haven’t finished the show yet but I was so wrong. I adore this show and relate to damn near every character (except Roland and Bob). It’s funny, emotional, so many quotable moments, relatable, just the kind of show to keep you happy. It’s 6 sessions with an end, not a cancellation.

Brooklyn 99 (Hulu)


I’ve heard a lot about Brooklyn 99. I didn’t feel like I was a fan of Andy Sandburg so I avoided the show. Once my therapist and I realized that a bunch of my anxiety was caused by me only watching horror (Did you gasp too? Cause I was shocked) so I needed to spend my sick days and mental health days NOT watching horror. This was the first thing that sprung to mind when people talked about a comedy so I gave it a try. I obviously loved it or it wouldn’t be in this article. The show is funny but it also has some serious moments, that are handled with humor. There are many laugh out loud moments but the characters are my favorite. I adore everything about Raymond Holt and will never change my vote. I also may have a huge crush on Rosa Diaz. I just assume everyone who watches does. Even though the show isn’t finished at this moment, they are working on season 8 that will be their last season.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix)

(2005 – 2008)

Read all of this before judging me. So I was really into M. Night Shamalan movies, living in Pennsylvania and being a horror fan made that a must. So when I saw trailers for his movie The Last Airbender I was excited. We watched the movie and liked it fine. So many of our friends where telling us that we needed to watch the cartoon the movie it was based on, it was better than the movie. We caved: my husband and I watched the show. It is a magically journey for not only our main young adventurers but so many in the show. This is a flower that you watch blossom to perfect in 3 seasons. Uncle Iroh is the most precious person in the world and I will continue to try and be the person that Uncle Iroh knows that I can be. Now, I decided to go back and watch the movie after falling in love with the show and I have never been so GOD DAMNED F&%KING OFFENDED IN MY LIFE. JUST WHO THE HELL DOES SHAMALAN THINK HE IS? THIS MOVIE IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
I rewatch it every year, you should watch it. *eyes Shamalan angrily & leaves*

This also includes Legend of Korra. I felt since it was the same universe and that one helps understand the other, then they only got one spot.

The Magicians1 (Netflix)

(2015 – 2020)

No matter what anyone says, I didn’t even know there was a bad ass character named Margo (my real name is Margot) when I started the show. My husband had watched it when he was sick and encouraged me to watch it. I eventually got his cold and decided to give it a shot. I will tell you, 4 seasons (for me) later. That I have loved and hated every character in this damn show. The emotional rollercoaster has brought laughs and tears. The Fifth and Final season is available on Netflix but I haven’t had the heart to watch the last season of this beloved show. It’s always like reading the last chapter of a book and not knowing what to do with your life next. It is a beautifully done modern magic setting that kept me guessing and shocked. If you want to watch something stunning and sad, this is for you. Trigger warning for suicide.

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

(2018 – 2020)

Altered Carbon is a two season Netflix Original that I immediately got behind. However, if you are interested in trying the show, there are A LOT OF TRIGGERS and here is the warnings. The show deals with a lot of murder, gore, sexual assault, pregnancy loss, alcoholism, gun violence and probably more that I’m forgetting. It’s a Cyberpunk world and intriguing as hell. People have a “cortical stack” in their neck that remembers their memories and personality in the event of death. Our ‘hero’ is brought out of stasis to investigate the weirdest who-dun-it I’ve ever seen. Now, I love the concept of this because it’s so very Doctor Who with the Doctor. In season two the lead character was played by Anthony Mackie instead of Joel Kinnaman from season one. Same character, different actors. However, it was cancelled but the end of season two may have left a few things open but it gave a pretty satisfying conclusion to the series.

Penny Dreadful (Netflix)

(2014 – 2016)

This British Horror Drama was *chef’s kiss* as Vanri and I yelled at the television on many occasions asking important questions of characters that where eventually answered but NOT in a timely manner. This horror show has it all and I do mean that and I can’t even give examples without spoiling something later in the show. The twists and turns, the constant beatings to your emotions, the love and hatred and horror of it all. Now, this will also have some trigger warnings. This was originally on HBO so there is nudity and sex scenes to name some. After three seasons I understood the ending but longed for more. There is a Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (it is out and I have not watched it) that is related but a different time period and not really a ‘continuation’ of the original show to my knowledge. It’s a beautifully done tribute about the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Is there a binge-worthy show that I’ve missed or you think that I should add to another list? Let me know in the comments below! I tried to aim for shows that are completed or will be completed shortly.

*The views expressed in this article belong to Crymson Pleasure and do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial staff.


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