Revered Tomes: All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Not to be confused with the menu at a cannibal all-you-can-eat buffet, this gritty survival horror TTRPG is a longtime favorite of mine.

Published by Eden Studios, and using the Unisystem mechanics, this zombie RPG is a point based classic with a strong, if small, fan following. The core rule book of AFMBE comes with all you need to get started running and screaming from the walking dead. The success-level system consists of adding an Attribute to a Skill rank and rolling a d10 that may explode up or down. The higher you roll the better your result. In combat success-levels even add to the base damage that is rolled before a series of multipliers based on the damage type. The core book also contains a miracle-based magic system that relies on the faithful in a dark and dreary world.

Where’s the fireballs you ask? Why, you have only to look for the many other supplements printed to find other add-on systems like your standard fantasy spells. Dungeons and Zombies covers all the sword and sorcery settings you could want. It has rules for creating your own fantasy races if the examples of dwarves and elves aren’t to your liking.

Martial Arts are covered in the Enter the Zombie supplement, along with a host of Chi based powers and body alteration mechanics for buzz saw rib cage zombies. Want more guns? Look towards the Fistful of Zombies for all your western desires. Not high tech enough? All Tomorrows Zombies covers the sci-fi end of the technology spectrum. Not quite the era you were looking for? Take a gander at Aargh, There be Zombies or Band of Zombies for either pirates or soldiers of yesteryear. Want some pulp with your gore? Look at Pulp Zombies for more noir, or Zombie Smackdown for your wrestling zombie addiction.

Unisystem has other books as well in a cinematic line up. You can toss in the deadites from Army of Darkness or go head to head with vampires and demons with either Buffy or Angel. There’s even a book called Terra Primate for those who want to fight a race of intelligent apes.

With so many eras and other books that mesh well with AFMBE it’s no wonder I always end up running a Multiverse campaign for my cast. With its point-based character creation and customizable monsters, All Flesh Must be Eaten may have just what you’re looking for.

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