It’s Friday the 13th: what’s your favorite horror movie?

The Real Women of Gaming share our answers


ThiaTheBard: It is no secret that I love horror movies. I am a fan of all different kinds within the genre so this is a difficult question for me to answer. If I had to go with my gut answer of what movie I could watch the most frequently it would be Scream.

In 1996, a movie came out that both acknowledged the movies that came before and set a new standard for the horror genre. This movie defined how I and so many of my peers look at slasher films. We quote the rules, we know the lines and we don’t answer our phones.

This is one of my favorite movies in general. I am able to put it on no matter my mood and enjoy it. So I guess my question for you is; “what’s your favorite scary movie?”

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Otter_Limits: I have never been a huge fan of Horror Movies. With an older brother who loved horror and tormenting his little sister, I was exposed to a lot of late 70s and early 80s Horror Movies whether I liked it or not. My aversion lead me to having never seen a Friday the 13th, Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street. I avoided Horror Movies like the plague.

Then my cousin introduced me to Bad Horror Movies. I have watched tons of bad horror from Death Bed: The Bed that Eats to Thankskilling. 70s to today- Bad Horror comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes you go into it thinking a movie will be bad, but find a true gem!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is the best one I have come across. Released in 2010 and starring Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk, T&D vs. Evil is a really good movie. You have to love a movie that turns all the tropes on their heads. Tucker and Dale are two country boys going out into the woods to fix up their new “fixer-upper” vacation cabin and do some fishing, and encounter a group of college students that mistake them for killer hillbillies. What comes next can’t be described. It can only be experienced.

Ready or Not

KinkedNitemare: Many of my favorite horror movies do a great job combining comedy with horror. Ready or Not is a great comedy horror movie that has constant action and a great ending.

Cabin in the Woods

Vanritherogue: A few years ago, my sister’s friend learned that I was a horror blogger and asked me, “What’s your favorite horror movie and why is it Cabin In The Woods?”

I responded that it was Cabin in the Woods because it was campy, self aware, and made every other horror movie possible. Plus, I really love the part where the guy from Billy Madison finally gets to see a mermaid. The movie is clever, gorey, and just so well done.

Get Out

Soliyra: My favorite horror movie is Jordan Peele’s Get Out. The film resonates with me because it perfectly portrays the creeping horror of living as a member of a marginalized group in the USA, particularly after 2016. It’s the vague disquiet of driving through perfectly manicured suburban neighborhoods knowing that you don’t belong and will never be truly welcome. It’s smiling and shaking hands with friends and neighbors, even family members, never knowing if you can truly trust them. It’s the despair when your fears, inevitably, turn out to be justified. Seeing these feelings so deftly expressed on the screen, not to mention knowing how strongly Get Out resonated with millions of others, makes me feel less alone.


LovelyGM_Cassie: Picking just one horror movie as my favorite feels like picking which limb is my favorite, but to narrow it down, Mandy (Panos Cosmatos, 2018) is up there. When you think of Nic Cage and Horror, you expect something over-the-top and absurd, but Mandy starts quite differently. It’s more subtle, deliberately paced to build a sinister feel, artful in the cinematography, and surprisingly serious in its comportment and casting. Even when it comes to the main conflict, it’s carefully crafted and restrained. There’s a moment, though, that hints to the Nic Cage chaos roiling under the surface: The Cheddar Goblin. The deranged mac n cheese mascot was the clarion call of the glorious madness that makes up the end of the movie, which is just as bombastic, manic, and delightful as you expect a Nic Cage movie to be. Mandy is unironically great and criminally under-viewed, and if it seems like I was vague, I want you to be as pleasantly surprised as I was.


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