Yomawari: Night Alone

Tonight I was excited to sit down and stream Yomawari: Night Alone on my personal stream. It had been in my backlog of games to play for a long time and with the new year comes a time to do new things. I started from the bottom of my steam list and started working my way up. So this was at the top (or bottom?) of my list.

I start my stream, boot up the game, and go. So within the first few moments of the game, there is a death. I’m telling you this so that you will be prepared. This happens in the tutorial-like section of the game where you learn how to play.

Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead

I didn’t make it this far

So the play section of the game starts. Your sister sets off to find something and you wait at the house for her. Time passes and you decide that it’s too late so you go looking for her. You are playing a small child walking around, at night, in the dark, looking for your sister.

I didn’t even stream the game for an hour. I started wandering around the streets, alone, in the dark. A few times I see a dark shadow under a street light but I keep going. At the end of some of the streets, there would be a pounding heartbeat. I tried to avoid them but had no idea where to go. Most streets were dead-ends. At one point something flew at my face and I died. I wondered around again and tried to tiptoe around the heartbeats. I still have no idea why any of this is happening, no story has popped up just a street filled with shadows? I finally find my sister and NOTHING IS EXPLAINED. She disappears and I’m left on my own. I decide to go home and I’m chased down by some demon. I didn’t get away, I died.

I did make it this far

At this point, I gave up. The game is cute, the art was adorable and I wanted to love it. That isn’t what happened tho. I got irritated and shut the game down. There was no explanation of what was happening. I was just supposed to run away from things? Why? What was happening? No clue.

I will end with a side note: Vaughn played it and rage-quit quickly.

So no, I don’t recommend this game. You can try for yourself if you love being chased around, but I wasn’t a fan. I really wanted to love this game. I was disappointed. Did you have a better experience? I’d love to know what you think.


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