ESL and Facebook Team Up in Tournament Streaming Deal

Social media mega-corp Facebook and esports organizer ESL have signed a contract for exclusive streaming rights to some of ESL’s most popular tournaments. Currently the deal encompasses plans to  stream more than 5,500 hours of live tournament programming  in six languages.  Rank S (CS:GO), Intel Extreme Masters Events, and the ESL One Circuit (covering CS:GO andContinue reading “ESL and Facebook Team Up in Tournament Streaming Deal”

It Takes a Village – Board Game Grrrls and the Importance of Women Gaming Groups

Games of all sorts are a fantastic way to connect with people whether they’re old friends or you’ve just met. Whenever my partner and I move to a new area our first priority is finding a local game group, and a few of those folks always wind up becoming good friends. For women this canContinue reading “It Takes a Village – Board Game Grrrls and the Importance of Women Gaming Groups”

Can Beleaguered Wizard World Continue into 2018?

Financial woes have plagued pop culture convention host company Wizard World for the last few years and 2017 is no exception. Wizard World’s quarterly report (released 11/14/17) shows that the comic convention runner is still in financial trouble, down about $1 million for the same quarter last year and almost $4.5 million for the year. InContinue reading “Can Beleaguered Wizard World Continue into 2018?”

Catlilli Games – When Science meets Board Gaming

I had the good fortune to meet the driving force behind Catlilli Games at my first game demo at WashingCon last month. I was immediately hooked by Tacto, a programming in the guise of Tic-Tac-Toe that both teaches programming AND is genuinely fun to play. Catlilli Games has successfully bridged the gap between learning ANDContinue reading “Catlilli Games – When Science meets Board Gaming”

Cosplayers injured in DragonCon Incident

  DragonCon 2017 attracted more than 80,000 fans to the pop culture-sci-fi convention in downtown Atlanta. Unfortunately for a couple con-goers it wasn’t all parties and costumes. Two women are recovering from head injuries after they were hit by chairs thrown from a tenth floor Marriott hotel balcony Sunday Sept. 3rd around 1:40. The Atlanta police departmentContinue reading “Cosplayers injured in DragonCon Incident”