Ten Facts About You’re Not Alone

Ten Facts about You’re Not Alone by @ThiaTheBard #yourenotalone #charityevent

You’re Not Alone 2020: Get Hyped

Bullying is a huge problem for many people. The negative effects can last for a person’s entire life. However no one is alone and that knowledge can make all the difference in the world.  That is why You’re Not Alone is so important to us here at Real Women of Gaming. The first ideas forContinue reading “You’re Not Alone 2020: Get Hyped”

Communities for Marginalized Groups: Why This Matters

“Why have a gender specific group?” I’d like to think the answer to this was obvious, but it is quite clear that this is not the case. Perhaps, we don’t need to explain, but more so make it clear. Communities for women, minorities, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized peoples exist for a purpose. The purpose isContinue reading “Communities for Marginalized Groups: Why This Matters”