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Vanri’s Top 10 Horror Games from E3 2016

Vanri’s Top 10 Horror Games from E3 2016


I just cannot get enough of horror games. Ever since I played my first horror exploration game last year (The Park), I’ve been absolutely addicted. I even wrote a post as to why I love horror games so much. That being said, I was excited about some of the games being announced at E3 this year.

10. Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Season 3

walking dead season 3

The Walking Dead season three is the much anticipated third set of episodes to Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game series. Based on the comic book and television show of the same name, this game will supposedly correspond with the current storyline in the popular comics from Robert Kirkman

9. Resident Evil 7

res evil 7

This upcoming zombie horror game will be the latest in the ever popular Resident Evil franchise. The demo for this game is currently available; however, the creators have stated that the full game will be nothing like the demo.

8. Quake Champions


This reboot of a classic game comes to us with great anticipation. With gorgeous graphics and amazing looking gameplay, Quake Champions is sure to get any Quake fan’s blood tingling.

7. Observer


From the creators of Layers of Fear comes a cyberpunk horror game by the name of Observer. In the game, you explore glitch-ridden hallways and face holograms who are programmed to hack into your greatest fears and use them against you.

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MaxUrso’s Top 10 Rants From E3

MaxUrso’s Top 10 Rants From E3

top 10 e3 rants

I’ve said it before: I’m an old gamer. I’m not old enough to remember Pong, but close. The start of each school year found my friend Eric and me exchanging news of what arcade games we had seen in our summer travels. One year it was a boxing game with a swivel mounted monitor. You controlled two arms and had to duck and weave. Now each year I look forward to the news from E3, anxious to see what technology is coming, what titles I’ll be waiting for. This year I’m disappointed. There’s nothing from the highlights that has me excited. On the contrary, I’m finding myself rather annoyed. In no particular order, here are my Top 10 E3 Rants:

10: Microsoft is putting out the Xbox One S.

It’s 40% smaller, has an internal power supply,  and puts out in 4k resolution with HDR. 4k is the latest thing, and I’ve read we really can’t see the difference in resolution that great, so I’ll pass. What has me irked is not only the size of the console, but the INTERNAL power supply. Come Fricking ON! The real estate at my gaming station is so cramped I can’t reach for my ice cold beverage without bumping the power button on my Xbox One. I hate power bricks. If they could make the whole thing smaller and still put the brick inside, why didn’t they do that to begin with?

9: While Xbox is putting out a 4k monster machine with Project Scorpio, Sony is showing off a VR headset.

Wonderful, another new fad that everyone will be jumping on. Does it have to cost as much as the console?! Is VR really worth that much?  I’m sure it will make Final Fantasy 15 really stand out among the rest of the sequels, reboots, and re-mastered games.

8: Speaking of which, there’s God of War.

Kratos has taken off to invade Skyrim it seems and he’s dragging along his kid. Didn’t his family die…at his own hands? Isn’t he covered in their ashes? Is this kid really safe with this god-killer? Who’s going to call Child Protective Services?

7: Perhaps Link will in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

There has to be phone somewhere in this open-world version of Hyrule. It is still Hyrule, right? I mean I can’t be sure, but if Nintendo is finally putting their money maker in an open-world/climb the walls like Assassin’s Creed style game, I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed which world it was in. At least other companies showed off more than one game.

6:  Take EA for example: They had lots of games at E3.

Battlefield 1. Wait what? The series started with Battlefield 1942 back in 2002 and now, 14 years later they’re retconning the whole thing and putting out Battlefield 1?! Sequels normally go up in digits, right Titanfall 2, and Fifa 17? They could also just use the intellectual property and just add a new sub-title, like Mass Effect: Andromeda or whatever laundry list of Star Wars games they’ll put out.

5: Even Bethesda, my current favorite company is resorting to the recycle machine that plagues both video games and Hollywood.

Another Prey that sounds like a reboot and Dishonored 2 gives us another sequel while Skyrim is simply being re-mastered. At least Quake Champions is original…oh wait, another 4 on 4 shooter. Lovely. Fallout 4 and Doom get the VR treatment here as well and that’s a few hundred I don’t have, so pass.

4: Perhaps the rebels at Ubisoft will save us with an original idea?

Star Trek VR puts us in control of the bridge crew. Fine, but it’s VR.  Watch Dogs 2 takes us to San Francisco, or we could head back to Colorado for South Park: The Fractured But Whole and engage in a kids version of Captain America: Civil War. Perhaps one of the snipers from Ghost Recon: Wildlands, another sequel, will put me out of misery. If I’m left with only Steep, an extreme sports title, to keep me interested, then I am doomed.

3: Activision, not satisfied with one re-mastered title, is being back and entire series: Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

There’s also another Call of Duty, and Skylanders. Even Disney gave up on the collectible figure gimmick.

2: Repackage, reboot, repeat, resell.

Can nobody create a new game? The list of the rehashed is huge: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered, Civilization VI, Crackdown 3 Dead Island 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Mafia III, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, and another Forza title.

1: Now, I’m no prude, and most of my friends would tell you I can be pretty vulgar when it’s funny, but Naughty America had a VR booth at E3. Really?

An adult film studio had a booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo? Isn’t there another venue for this; somewhere better suited like…Fallout: New Vegas? Maybe that’s why it’s finally getting backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.

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Can Watchdogs 2 Deliver or Will it Need to Rely on Controversy to get Sales?


Earlier this month, Watchdogs 2 was confirmed for a release date of November 15th, and was featured during E3 coverage more recently.  The media who covered it at E3 gave it high praise, but is that enough to sell a game?  It was back in 2014 when the predecessor released to bugs, mixed reviews, and controversy, and gamers haven’t forgotten.

The biggest issue for some players seems to have been the graphics that got markedly worse between the preview videos at E3 2012 and the released product.  Come to find out there were hidden graphics files that were ‘turned off’ and once enabled through a mod they seemed to not only make the game look better, but run more stable for many users.  The standard PR response was given by Ubisoft, and even supported by some of the games media, but it still sits with players as an example of a company not being entirely honest about the product.  Adding the delay in release, and some very mixed reviews with critics and gamers, it’s easy to understand why people are skeptical of the sequel.

The game got its best reviews on Playstation 4, but even there it was very mixed, and not so great among gamers themselves.  On the PC, it was even worse.  Gamers simply did not like the game and panned it widely on the PC release.  The games media seems to be split across the board, with most larger review sites giving it high praise, while the smaller and lesser-known outlets were lukewarm on the game.  There may be a reason for that.  It seems that at the Paris event for Watchdogs attendees, game reviewers were given Nexus tablets as gifts.  Many gave them back, didn’t take them, or gave them to charity, but did they all?  Did any that kept the tablet disclose it?  We really don’t know because so few reported on it until after the fact.

Now we move on to Watchdogs 2 and gamers are understandably hesitant.  A lot of people like the original, but a lot didn’t, and many felt the developer dropped the ball.  Of course, for some unknown reason the media has taken to putting down any criticism with accusations of racism.  The links could fill a page, just google “Watchdogs 2 racism” and see how some of the major game sites and bloggers are covering it.  It’s a marketing tactic, in my opinion, that we have started to see recently and will probably keep seeing for the foreseeable future.  Criticism of the game gets labeled racism because the protagonist is black.

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t awful people who play games.  I’m sure there are racists out there that want nothing to do with a black protagonist in a game.  Does anyone really think there are enough though to effect the sales of a game?  Enough to warrant several articles in our community’s press?  I don’t think so, so it begs the question, why?  Why is the press so focused on this narrative that paints the gaming community in such a horrible light?  I talk to a lot of gamers online, read a lot of gaming forums and press, and I haven’t seen a single person that cares what the skin color of the guy on the cover of Watchdogs 2 is.  Hell, I’ve talked to gamers that didn’t even know until I asked.  The vast majority of gamers do not care about that, they care about whether the game will be fun.  They care if the game will be buggy, and if Ubisoft is going to engage in the same sort of shenanigans they did last time.  Gamers care whether the game will be worth their time and money.

Will Watchdogs 2 deliver?  It’s certainly pretty, but so were the initial videos out of E3 in 2012.  We don’t yet know if they will deliver on time, and it’s impossible to know if we’ll see a release that’s relatively bug-free.  The media isn’t making any of the gamers I talk to more comfortable, and many are wondering if this is a tactic to either shame gamers into buying the game anyway, or get people to buy the game in some righteous fight against racism.  Will it even matter now, or will it become more about the ignorant politics around the game rather than the game itself?

For my part, I hope it does come out to be a good game.  I think it sounds great, but I’m skeptical as well.  I didn’t play the first, and didn’t have much interest after seeing the reviews.  I like the idea of the game, the concept, and even what little we know of the story so far.  I just hope it doesn’t get overshadowed by more idiocy from the media.

E3 for you and me

Crackdown 3

E3-2014Looks like awesomesauce! I was a huge fan of the first two. Well, the first one a bit more than the second, but that happens. I am really wondering what turn the storyline will take with this one. However, this game did give me achievement issues. As in, must have them ALL!

Halo Collection
Halo is the reason I got into Xbox in the first place. Well, that or Ghost Recon. I don’t remember that well. Anyway, I was excited to see that Halo was picked back up and beautifully done with Halo 4. I think I might have to pick this bundle up.

Halo 5: Guardians
SQUEE! Of course there is a beta with the purchase of the bundle. Damn it!

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