Vanri’s Top 10 Horror Games from E3 2016


I just cannot get enough of horror games. Ever since I played my first horror exploration game last year (The Park), I’ve been absolutely addicted. I even wrote a post as to why I love horror games so much. That being said, I was excited about some of the games being announced at E3 this year.

10. Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Season 3

walking dead season 3

The Walking Dead season three is the much anticipated third set of episodes to Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game series. Based on the comic book and television show of the same name, this game will supposedly correspond with the current storyline in the popular comics from Robert Kirkman

9. Resident Evil 7

res evil 7

This upcoming zombie horror game will be the latest in the ever popular Resident Evil franchise. The demo for this game is currently available; however, the creators have stated that the full game will be nothing like the demo.

8. Quake Champions


This reboot of a classic game comes to us with great anticipation. With gorgeous graphics and amazing looking gameplay, Quake Champions is sure to get any Quake fan’s blood tingling.

7. Observer


From the creators of Layers of Fear comes a cyberpunk horror game by the name of Observer. In the game, you explore glitch-ridden hallways and face holograms who are programmed to hack into your greatest fears and use them against you.

6. Here They Lie


This horror game is a PlayStation exclusive that will be released with PlayStation’s new VR system. It will be a highly disturbing VR experience designed to scare you out of your mind. How exciting is that?!

5. Vampyr


This action RPG follows vampire doctor Jonathan Reid as he attempts to come to terms with his new undead position. The game looks dark and creepy, with oh so much blood.

4. Call of Cthulhu

call of cthulhu

From Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios comes a highly anticipated game based on HP Lovecraft stories, Call of Cthulhu. In this game, you play a man who is burdened with stopping the return of Cthulhu, the Elder God. It just looks downright awesome.

3. Killing Floor: Incursion

killing floor

This VR game is sure to have your heart jumping into your throat. It is set to be released for the Oculus Rift, using their yet-to-be-released Touch controllers as guns.

2. Friday the 13th


Jason Vorhees is back in this survival horror game. He stalks Camp Crystal Lake once more. What’s so amazing about this game, however, is that it’s multiplayer. You can run away from the famous killer with your friends. Remember: you don’t have to run faster than Jason, you just have to run faster than your friends.

1. Kojima’s Death Standing

death standing

Thought to be yet another “spiritual successor” to the canceled Silent Hills game, Death Standing stars Norman Reedus. Not much else is known about this game, but the excitement for it after E3 is palpable. Let’s all hope really hard that this game isn’t cancelled. We deserve good horror games.

Tell me in the comments below what games you’re most excited for this year!

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