This Month in Gaming History April


It is said that April showers bring May flowers. Well, I don’t know about that, but I am sure that most of us just want April to bring more games. Once again, it appears that not a lot of games were released in April – until the 1990s, that is – so we will be starting a little later in the timeline this month.

Here are some games that were released in April.

Little Computer People

Little Computer People was a disk game that originated in Japan. It was released on April 3, 1987. The game has no winning conditions, and only one setting: a sideways view of the inside of a three-story house. An animated character moves into the house and goes through everyday situations, including a poker game for some characters. No two characters are the same, so every time it is played it is different as you go.


Splatterhouse was released for PC Engine on April 6, 1990. The game was developed in Japan and is a game where a man named Rick is trapped with his girlfriend inside a mansion where they have taken refuge from a storm. Rick then has to fight off hordes of creatures while under the influence of a special mask in order to save his girlfriend and escape.

Bob Vs the Mob

Bob Vs the Mob was developed for DOS and released on April 3,1995. Our little protagonist in this game is a stick figure attempting to shoot down his adversaries. They are also stick men and apparently are members of the criminal underground. The player shoots and moves forward instead of the more free game play we enjoy now.

Easter in Reality on the Norm

Easter in Reality on the Norm was released worldwide for Easter in April 2003, to be played on Windows. It was mostly point and click game play. The Easter Bunny comes to town and you are to help him deliver presents while solving different puzzles. A cute idea for a themed computer game.

Planet Fish

Planet Fish was released for the Wii on April 4, 2011. You use your underwater vessel to travel to different regions such as the Great Barrier Reef to collect different colorful fish for your personal aquarium. That objective seems a little decadent to me but whatever floats your underwater boat. While collecting fish and trying to unlock animated trophies, you have to look out for obstacles. These could be jagged rocks or dangerous underwater species.

The Elder Scrolls Online
the elder scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Online is one that I think many of you will be familiar with. This first installment of the multiplayer game that so many of us enjoy was released on April 4, 2014. The game starts with character creation, choosing from four classes and three factions. Unlike some of the other games, each faction had its own campaign that progressed in a linear fashion through different regions.

May April showers bring May flowers… and more games.

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