This Month in Gaming History: July

Summer is officially here. If you need a break from the outdoor festivities, here are some games you may have forgotten about. Maybe one of them will catch your fancy for a replay.


Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong was released on July 9, 1981. Donkey Kong started out as an arcade game. This first version features the character maneuvering around platforms while trying to avoid obstacles. Donkey Kong became incredibly popular in America and produced many spin offs.

King’s Quest


Released In July of 1983, King’s Quest was a revolutionary game in the the computer game industry. It was commissioned by IBM and would eventually be made for other platforms. The story features a knight who is trying to help his King regain lost treasures to help restore the Kingdom back to its former glory.

World Empire III


Windows 3.x released World Empire III in July of 1991. The game is turn based. Players try to conquer the world. The player will start off with a country, a flag and an army. Then players strategize how to best use these to meet the objective of taking over the world.

Max Payne

max payne

Max Payne was released on July 23, 2001 for the PC. Max Payne a third person shooter game. The player is guided through the game by Max Payne’s inner thoughts on what to do next. Progression through the game gives the player access to new things such as different guns and painkillers, which they need to regain health. The Max Payne series has won many awards and is a favorite among many PC gamers.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty


Released worldwide on July 27, 2010, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was the anticipated sequel to StarCraft. It was sold 12 years later by Blizzard Entertainment.Wings of Liberty was a military game that featured heavy science fiction themes. The game is set four years after the first game and follows the leader of an insurgent group.

So, there are some games that made up this month in gaming history. Hopefully your summer is treating you well.

Happy gaming!


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