Top 10 (Nerdy) Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

So here we are, deep into February with March right around the corner.  It’s the beginning of tax season and with all that’s fit to buy, I’m going to offer up my top ten choices to spend a tax refund on:

10. Steam Wallet


First off, Steam is addicting. With a sale for every season and weekly deals the year round, I suggest you dump part (or all) of you refund into your steam wallet. When the Spring sale starts, you won’t be able to cry you don’t have money in your bank account; it’ll be right there on Steam waiting for you to spend.

9. Kickstarter


Following a close second to the constant games on sale are games yet to come out. Feeling nostalgic for a game you used to play? There’s likely a reboot, or an anniversary edition being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. I’ve got my 20th Anniversary Whiskey Box Edition of Deadlands coming and I can’t wait. New ideas abound there as well. There might be an awesome game you don’t know you’ll love just waiting for you to back it.

8. VR Equipment


Virtual reality is hot, even Pornhub is into it (so I’m told). The high end phones, and even the PlayStation all have VR tech waiting to gobble up your cash.  There are inexpensive models you can purchase for your phone if you’re not ready for a setup the same price as a full console.

7. Video Card Upgrade


I don’t know about you, but my PC is nearly five years old and I’m just beginning to see issues with my video card. My GTX 660 doesn’t even come close to the 1080. Buy a new card and give your old system that extra life it deserves.

6. Subscription Plan


You’re a gamer, and a fan. There has to be something out there you want to keep getting on a monthly basis. Perhaps you want more collectibles to arrive, or you want to lock in several months on your favorite MMO. Do it! Don’t let time run, invest in your future!

5. MMO Expansions


Aside from monthly subscriptions, most MMOs also put out regular updates with new content to entice you out of your cash. Diablo III has the Necromancer update out soon, and Guild Wars 2 has their Heart of Thorns expansion. Keep up with your friends, or make them jealous. Spend the gold making your fantasy world bigger.

4. Nintendo Switch


The next big portable/console is due out in a few days. Nintendo has what appears to be a winner here with a handheld made for multiplayer and a dock that connects it to your TV so you never have to stop playing. No more pausing it to run to the bathroom; play Skyrim from your porcelain throne.

3. Finish Your Cosplay Costume for Con Season


I don’t know about you, but here at Real Women of Gaming, cosplay is as much a part of our fandom celebration as video games are.  Summer is almost here, and that means Convention season. Last minute touches to your Deadpool costume (or Panda-pool…don’t judge) are not cheap.

2. Donate!


Stop being selfish and give your hard earned money to those in need. Extra Life is a worthy cause, as is the You’re Not Alone anti-bullying campaign. You could also be charitable and help you less than flush friends; gift them that expansion so you can play together, or buy me my Panda-pool costume.

1. Pay Credit Cards


The smart thing to do would be to pay off the credit card bills you’ve racked up while waiting for the refund. All those costume pieces, game expansions, convention registrations and fast food orders add up quick and won’t just go away. Stop being a kid; do the adult thing and pay off your debts!


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