Game Review: Carrion

I love playing a new game. The size of my Steam library would indicate maybe a little too much. So many games come along that grab my attention with trailers and game-pay footage, yet fail to hold it.

Carrion does not let go. Much like your protagonist, this game has hauled me into it’s toothy maw and devoured my attention. It’s been quite some time where I’ve found a game that makes me giggle with delight.

In Carrion you play as this alien blob of teeth and tentacles escaping from some scientific laboratory. As you roam the ducts and drains feasting on the interns and scientists you build up your bio-mass  and grow stronger. Your growls spread fear and cause the weaklings to scream and cower. You unlock new abilities as you find and consume dangerous canisters with bio-hazard symbols: spitting sticky webs, smashing down doors, and turning invisible just to name a few.

The graphics and game play are old school, reminding me of Metroid. You’re denied access to certain areas and forced to go back in order to go forward as you grow and learn those new abilities. The story unfolds as you unlock and play through flashbacks surrounding your origin.

Developed by Phobia Game Studio and published by Devolver Digital, Carrion is well worth the $20.

This title is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC (Steam, and GOG)

Time Played as of this review: 2 hours

Graphics: 4/5            retro, but polished

Sound: 5/5                 atmospheric music (available as a separate purchase) and screams.

Gameplay: 4/5          unusual, but not a big learning curve

Buy it. Consume them all.


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