Gaming: It Brings People Together

All types of gaming are designed to cultivate friendships.

Slender: The Arrival Review

I’ve always been terrified of the idea of Slenderman. I mean, he just shows up randomly, stalks you for years, driving you crazy, then kills you. That’s frightening! When I heard of Slender: The Arrival, I vowed to never, ever in my life play it. So, naturally, I’m playing it for you guys. What’s it about?Continue reading “Slender: The Arrival Review”

Art Contest Winner: Joshua Menas!

So several weeks ago you may have seen this: And guess what today is? It’s the 28th! (Well, it’s the 1st, but still ;)) So we are totally doing our victory dance and playing the fanfare for our first ever contest winner: Joshua Menas! Joshua sent us some amazing custom stuff that we are proudContinue reading “Art Contest Winner: Joshua Menas!”

Real Women of Gaming Artwork Contest!!!!

  Hey everyone! Real Women of Gaming is hosting a contest for some new artwork! We need a new logo, a new cover photo for our facebook group, a banner for our website and any other artwork you think we might like! Your artwork will be featured on all of RWoG’s sites (giving you fullContinue reading “Real Women of Gaming Artwork Contest!!!!”

A Feminist Review of Fable III

The reason why I love Fable III so much may be fairly obvious already. While I appreciate the comedic themes throughout the story and the allusions to the previous two Fable games, the thing I like the most about Fable III is the fact that you can choose to be a strong, independent woman. TheContinue reading “A Feminist Review of Fable III”