Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror game from Frictional Games. I decided to play it for our Wanna Don’t Wanna broadcast because it was only a few dollars on steam. I hadn’t heard much about the game, so I didn’t know what to expect.

What’s it about?
You play as Daniel, a young man who’s lost his memories. You have to explore a stone castle for clues about a man named Alexander. You find letters written by your pre-amnesiac self, instructing you to kill Alexander. You also have to collect tinderboxes, oil for your lantern, and chemicals that you can mix into a corrosive acid. All the while, you’re running away from Alexander’s “shadow,” which is basically his astral projection.

What did I think?
This game is super boring. It’s quiet, with only the occasional creepy noise. You find yourself going in circles, without anything new to guide you. It’s more about exploring than actually escaping anything scary, which is a little too low-key for a horror game.

The graphics reminded me of Quake (1996), which shouldn’t be the case for a game released in 2010. The lower quality took away from the experience. I didn’t find myself scared or on edge at all.

Also, the camera movements were such that I felt motion sick while playing. This has a tendency of happening with First Person Shooter games, but rarely happens in first person horror games.

Would I recommend it?
No. Don’t play this game. It’s a waste of time. Spend your money and time on something better.

Watch me play it here:

-Vanri the Rogue


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