Dungeon Crawling: Sorcerers

Arcane power comes in many forms. Wizards learn from books and scrolls. Warlocks make pacts with greater powers whose goals are not always known.

Sorcerers are born with it.

The power they possess to cast spells and manipulate the fundamentals of arcane power are simply inherited. Perhaps they share a lineage with the great dragons, or some divine being. Perhaps their blood runs rampant with the energy of storms or the darkness that fills the Shadowfell.  They could even just be a ball of wild magic waiting to turn their party blue from head to toe.

Sorcerers are glass cannons. That is, they possess the ability to do great bursts of damage, but are themselves somewhat fragile. They aren’t trained in wearing any sort of armor, and their weapon choices don’t even reach a half-dozen.  They are however highly charismatic and able to assert their will over the forces of nature by sheer personality. As they grow in power they gain the ability to modify the spells they cast with metamagic. By spending sorcery points when casting a spell it can be cast more quickly (using a bonus action instead of an action), twinned, selectively target, increased range, rerolling damage, extending the duration or even cast it subtly so as to remain unseen.

Draconic bloodline sorcerers have power in their veins that can be traced back to the most iconic of creatures: the Dragon. You get to choose what type of dragon it was, and that has an effect as you level. Starting with extra hit points and a higher base armor class (due to dragon scales) you eventually get to do extra damage related to the element associated with your dragon type. At level 14 you even sprout dragon wings. Who wants a flying kobold sorcerer? Mini-dragon anyone?

With Wild Magic you are infused with chaos itself. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher you have a chance to roll on the wild magic table which is rife with results good, bad, and mundane. You may also manipulate the chaos around you allowing you to roll with advantage for attacks, saves, and ability checks. This can be replenished with the DM calling for another roll on the wild mage surge table. Chaos abounds!

Elemental air infuses your magic if you’re a storm sorcerer. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher you’re able to go aloft of a gust of wind and fly up to 10 feet without suffering attacks of opportunity. You can also manifest a whirlwind of thunder or lightning damage whenever you cast a spell high enough. Creatures near you, that you choose, suffer thunder or lightning damage equal to half your sorcerer level. Resistance to lightning and thunder is also found herein as is some minor amount of weather control. The benefits only become greater as you reach the upper tiers, with immunity to thunder and lightning and a true fly speed you are a force of nature to be sure.

Shadow sorcerers are dark, mysterious, and cold. Life is worn thinly upon them. They are able to cast the Darkness spell using their sorcery points and having gained darkvision from their lineage, they can see through this spell as well. When they are beaten in combat they are able to attempt a charisma roll to stave off death and return with 1 hit point. A shadow hound is also at your disposal to harass your enemies, it knows their location and is able to move through other targets to reach them.

Finally there is the Divine Soul sorcerer. Whether good, evil, neutral, law or chaos, you have the blood of gods running through your veins. The actual type determines a free starting spell. You are also favored by the gods and able to reroll failed saving throws once between rests. Your presence also affects those receiving healing nearby. By spending a sorcery point people rolling healing spells may reroll any number of those dice, but only once per turn. With great power comes great…wings. At 14th level you can sprout wings and fly for 30 feet until you are incapacitated or take the time to pack them away (a bonus action).

Sorcerers come in many flavors, but all are good at dealing damage. If you want to cast spells, but don’t want to be beholden to a greater power, or have the problem of too many choices like a wizard, you can’t go wrong with sorcerers.


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