Be Someone’s Superhero 2021: Update!

We are so lucky here at Real Women of Gaming. Our fantastic staff came together to help people in need. Our community rallied behind us, supported us and had a blast with us. On February 27, 2021 Be Someone’s Superhero took place. The event took place from 12:00pm EST and ran till 12:00am EST. The charity of choice to work with this year was SameYou

SameYou is a charity that not only works to increase awareness about brain injuries but also to help to provide resources to help those who are living with the effects of brain injuries. Rehabilitation is a key factor in the recovery process of an Acquired Brain Injury, it is also an expensive and difficult step. Without aid, not all can get time in rehab. SameYou is ensuring that funding gets to those living with the effects of brain injuries. They are also aiding research efforts to learn more about brain injuries.

visit their website!

The event started off with Crymson playing some Overwatch. KinkedNitemare took over to play Golf With Your Friends with staff and friends, this year with minimal anger on stream. Next we had Vanri the Rogue and Thia the Bard trying to woo some monsters in Monster Prom while talking about Vanri’s stroke recovery. IristheKeybladeMaster grabbed the baton to stream Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory to jam with chat. Everyone came together to play some Among Us. The event was finished with some Jackbox Games which is always a blast

Crymson ate, well, she ate lots of disgusting things as incentives. Thia ate some sour candy as well. Shirts and game keys were given away as raffle prizes. Some great D&D tools were also given away as raffle prizes to those who donated. We had a great sponsor with a focus on their kickstarter for a really cool game called HexBound, which is an extension for 5th edition of D&D. 

Real Women of Gaming raised $500.00 for SameYou! 

This event was a huge success. We here at staff had a great time. We would also like to extend a very special thank you to everyone who hung out, played with us and donated. We could not do these charity events without your help. All of these proceeds go directly to SameYou and we could not be happier to help out this incredible organization.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this charity event the great time that it was!

So until next time ALWAYS KEEP SPARKLING!!!


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Lover of games, writer of articles and member of Real Women of Gaming. Thia the Bard has been writing from a young age and has always been a fan of the fantastic. She grew up playing video and board games. She loves trying different table top and role playing games. Thia is a proud geek and member of many fandoms. She is also interested in cosplay and Steampunk. Thia is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Time not spent gaming or running around in garb is usually spent writing. Always keep sparkling!

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