Accessibility Review: Detroit: Become Human (PC)

Quadratic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human is one of my favorite games of all time. I played through it twice before I became disabled. I felt the urge to try it again, to see if I could. Having played it before, I knew the controls were complicated, so I decided to check it out for disability accessibility.

I find myself severely disappointed because I cannot play it, even with my adaptive equipment.

The biggest problem I have with the game mechanics is that you need to be able to use mouse and keyboard simultaneously to complete certain tasks, such as opening windows (L. Shift + LMB) and tending to Carl (Q + LMB). Also, there is no way to change the Quick Time Events (QTEs) to not be timed. If you choose the “casual” game difficulty, it extends the time for QTEs, however, I still cannot switch between Mouse and Keyboard that quickly.

You can remap keybinds, but there are too many keyboard controls to map to my mouse. If it wasn’t for the simultaneous m&KB commands, I could play the game.

Detroit: Become Human is a beautifully made, masterpiece of a game with powerful commentary on racial tensions in the US. It is one of my favorite video games of all time. If you have the use of two hands, I highly recommend this game. However, if you only have the use of one hand, like me, don’t bother.

If any of you amazing readers have an idea for a modification I could do to continue playing Detroit: Become Human, please let me know!


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